Study Abroad? Travel Scholarships And Programs For High School Students 


Studying abroad is one of the coolest and most beneficial activities that features high on every high school student’s checklist! From pursuing a course outside your comfort zone, to physically living in a foreign land, where you probably do not know a single soul – it can be one of the bravest decisions you take in your life.

But studying abroad involves hefty expenses too; how do you manage to pay the whopping fees of renowned international universities? Well, that is where you can test and tag for rewarding travel scholarship programs.

Here are some travel scholarships and programs for your dream course.

  1. Reach Cambridge University Scholarship

If you are between the age of 14 and 18, then you are eligible to apply for 2 to 3 weeks summer program in the historic Cambridge. To win these free 3 weeks of fun and learning in the heart of England, all you have to do is to write a powerful essay. Get a pen and a paper and start writing because if you win you will be selected to pursue programs in fields like media, engineering, law, biotechnology and even performing arts.

  1. Andeo International Homestays Scholarship

If you want to explore foreign destinations without robbing a bank then all you have to do is to stay with a local family in the region where you will study. All you have to do is to apply for Andeo’s individual homestay programs. After that, you have to convince the language teacher of your university to nominate you by filing a short form, and you are done. There are no actual efforts involved in this, you just have to spend your days in a homestay and then you can pack your bags and explore destinations such as Mexico, Japan, and even Germany.

  1. National Geographic Student Expeditions

Every year National Geographic guides students on a 2-week long expedition to about 30 exotic destinations of the world with diverse projects. For starters, you can hone your photography skills in Prague under the guidance of experts or experience cultures and customs of Bhutan. It has an expedition for everyone, and if you do not have the funds then apply for a scholarship because National Geographic chooses 22 students each year so that they can chase their dreams without worrying about funds.

  1. Two Worlds Youth Travel Programs Scholarship

If you want to convert your dream of studying in abroad into a reality, but cannot decide a specific university yet, then this scholarship would be best for you as it offers a scholarship for programs in 32 countries. It is open for all high school students aged between 15 and 18 and you can pursue programs lasting from just over a summer to an entire year. Two Worlds actually have numerous high school scholarship programs, so you are not bound by any specific criteria.

  1. National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y)

If you want to learn a new language and garner in-depth knowledge about it, then NSLI-Y is an immersive language program for students just like you. The scholarship is sponsored by the US Department of State, and it allows you to receive training in a critical language for either a summer or a year. The languages in which you can acquire training are Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korea, Russian, Turkish, etc. This scholarship is only based on merit and thus you do not have to produce your financial condition while applying for it.

  1. American Foreign Service Association Scholarship

It is probably one of the life-changing scholarships offered to high school students to study in abroad. The AFSA conducts an essay writing contest every year, and students making it, are invited for a trip to Washington DC and also taken for a formal meeting with the secretary of the State. Apart from this, they have gifted a significant amount of money and also a complete sponsorship for the excursion program of Semester at Sea.


Apart from financial support, these programs also offer a golden opportunity for you to enjoy a host of other benefits. Staying and studying abroad offers the following advantages to you.

Explore the world: the biggest reason for which you should say yes to an abroad study program is that you will be able to discover an unknown country. Bit by bit, you will become acquainted with the customs, culture, museums and natural wonders of a foreign country.

Experience a different education format: another reason which allures students from a foreign country to take up a learning program is that most want to be exposed to learning programs of various styles. Since education is the centerpiece of any study program, you will be shown different aspects of your subject which you might not have experienced in your hometown.

Ace your learning skills: if you are planning to pursue a learning program in a foreign country, chances are that you will be able to learn local languages of the country and with time excel in it.

Amazing career opportunities: if you decide to make a career in that foreign country after completion of your course, then voila, your luck will be by your side. But even if you return home with a new perspective of skills, language, culture, etc, you will be a potential candidate for major recruiters of your country.

So, now that you know which scholarship applications to target, do not sit back anymore. Now is your chance to spread out your wings and fly high!


Samantha Brown is a freelance writer who specializes on carrier guidance, she is also motivational speaker and author


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