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Being attentive in college isn’t as easy as it used to be before the evolution of social media. Today, we spend more time uploading videos on social networking sites when compared to spending time in college. With this being noted, a college student has to work really hard to be attentive in college.
Apart from being attentive, there are a few other things to be kept in mind, if you’re a college student. Check it out below.


1. Focus on good notes instead of good grades

In college, students often think about getting good grades in order to find success. However, the fact is that if you do not have good study habits and good notes with you, it will be difficult for you to find success and get good grades. Everything is related, and you need to get into the habit of taking good notes at all times. For this, you need to be attentive in college.


2. Understand the requirement of the course

If you are studying for regular examination in college, you might satisfy yourself with studying for the examination for a couple of hours on a daily basis. However, if you are preparing for GMAT examination, you need to know that the procedure is detailed and you will have to spend at least 7 hours on a daily basis to get the result you want. GMAT online prep will only make it easy for you to complete the GMAT program as soon as possible and get the benefits out of it. Similarly, if you are studying for the Chartered Accountancy course, you need to look for an online mode that will help you in studying for the course as and when possible.


3. Stay organized

Organizing your class materials is important, and many college students are using sticky notes to Remember textbook pages and to keep them on track with the assignments. Keeping your notes in order is a must for college students.With all your commitments in college, you need to be sure that your extracurricular activities and social events are not affected. For this, you need to keep a detailed calendar in your phone or diary so that you do not end up compromising unnecessarily.


4. Avoid over studying

It is your examination, and we know that you’re stressed. There is nothing wrong with the routine, but remember that if you’re over studying, it will affect your study pattern and it will also add to your stress. This is because you’ll start forgetting things and we’re sure that you do not want it to happen. So, avoid over studying, and you’ll be happy with your study pattern and get enough time to relax. When over studying, we do not give ourselves enough time to relax, and we’ve seen this to be a cause of concern with many students, working hard to score good marks.


5. Know when you should take a break

Taking breaks every ten minutes is not good. Taking no breaks for hours is equally bad.
With this, we’re trying to say that when you plan your schedule, make sure that you’re making necessary provisions for breaks even. If not, you’ll end up cramming too many things in your daily routine and find it difficult to manage them. After all, you’re still college students, and there are many responsibilities on your shoulders. So, give your mind and body the necessary rest, and you’ll be at ease when trying to study.


6. Don’t wait for the last minute

There are too many things on your mind, and you’re trying too hard to manage them all. In this scenario, you’ll be tempted to wait for the last minute for a number of things. Don’t make this mistake because you’ll soon have too many things for the last minute. This is not the right approach to be taken, and so you should make it a point to avoid keeping things specifically for the last minute.

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