Things every new student entrepreneur should pay attention to

By Melissa Burns
College students of 2015 can obviously be named the generation Z. It is a completely new generation of people born and raised in the era of rapid development of technology and the “business out of the air.” Generation Z fundamentally differs from students who were before them. However, there is still something in common between them. So as college students before 2000, the college students after 2000 dream of success in their lives. However, if previously success could be marked by a degree, well paid job in a company and full social package, nowadays all of this is just a bonus to real success. Young people no longer dream to work for Coca-Cola or on Wall Street. Now they want to have their own business. Despite the fact that huge corporations don’t lose their positions we can watch the booming of small business, too. The main axiom of a young small business in 2015 is “do something small, but be the best in it!”

This explains the huge number of startups, which is growing rapidly every year. It will not be a mistake if we say that almost every third student wants to start a small business. Is there any universal advice that will help them with this difficult matter in 2015?

So, to navigate your future career, students need to know about:

Ability to use free Internet tools

Indeed, it can be very useful. After starting business while in college, it is very unlikely that a student will posses enough money to pay for customized web design, promotion, advertising and other costs. A little time spent on the internet will help you to find for example that is a free website builder service, or a platform for online marketing. Another great way to claim yourself is to write a guest post in the quality authoritative blog. The ability to search for free options will help to save money, and that is always useful.


In order to start a business and achieve some success in it, you will need a powerful motivation. And this motivation should concern not only the desire to make money. It should encourage you to assess your business skills correctly, find out the niche in which your idea will be best implemented. It is necessary to develop a stellar business plan, and even if it is perfect at a first glance, you must not shun and do amendments if it is necessary. Flexibility and the ability to evolve helped people to survive in wild nature, and the same happens to businessmen in business.

Continuous self-development

Efforts should be made to engage in competitors’ research, so that no area would be left unknown. Adequate assessment of your competitors success can bring fresh ideas to your own business. Also try not to miss any trading shows personally. Another good advice is not to reject the help of a mentor. Even if you think that you have made a perfect business plan and started to implement it, it does not mean that the advice of an experienced person in this field will not make your plan better. Learn to listen.

Conclusion: believe in your success and do not give up at the first fall. Most of all, you’ll learn about business only by being involved in it, not sitting at a lecture by Professor with a textbook on economics. Trial and error has always been the best teacher.

Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University in 2008. Nowadays she is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. Her sphere of interests includes startups, information technologies and how these ones may be implemented in the sphere of education. You may contact Melissa: