Things to expect at your First Job Interview


The process of finding and applying for various jobs has been made simple thanks to modern technology. While most application processes and assessments are done online, one is still required to attend physical interviews to be considered for the job. For first-time job applicants, the idea of a job interview process can be quite nerve wrecking. However, one can overcome their nerves by preparing adequately for the upcoming interview. To succeed at job interviews, applicants should research on the expectations of the potential employers.

Below are some of the things one can expect on their first job interview:

  • Scrutiny
  • Interviewer(s)
  • Knowledge of the company
  • General Questions


It is true, the dress code is an important part of a job interview. As such, the interviewee should expect scrutiny from the moment they walk into the room.  As a first-time job applicant, it is crucial for one to conduct thorough research regarding the selected company. Each company or organization a culture that is unique to their organization.  A company will have a certain image that reflects its status in the market. For this reason, a job applicant should endeavor to reflect the company’s image through their appearance.

For instance, if the company is more professional, one should dress in the appropriate attire that denotes professionalism. On the other hand, if an organization is more casual, one can dress in attire that resonates with the company’s image. When in doubt, about the company’s image, one would rather dress professionally than be underdressed, after all, first impressions last forever.


Different companies have unique ways of conducting interviews. An interview process will depend on the type of job as well as the company’s procedures. However, in most cases, job applicants are interviewed either by a human resources officer, lone manager or a panel. For a first job interviewee, one should be adequately prepared to deal with anything and everything. Most importantly, the interviewee should demonstrate confidence and proper poise as most interviewers make up their mind about candidates within the first few minutes.

Knowledge of the company

First-time candidates who have a thorough knowledge of the company as well as the position, stand a higher chance of succeeding at interviews. As a first-time interviewee, one should expect the interviewer to ask comprehensive questions regarding the company as well the applied position. For this reason, it is important for the candidate to have in-depth knowledge of the company, its industry, its competitors and other related matters. A candidate that demonstrates sufficient knowledge of the company is perceived as more prepared and suitable for the position.



General Questions

During the interview process, the candidate should expect numerous questions regarding their professional background. In some cases, the potential employer may ask a few personal questions to access the candidate’s personality and attitude. While the interviewer may have the applicant’s information, it important for the candidate to know the exact details outlined in their resume. Most interviewers will especially want to know one’s experience and skill that qualifies them for the position.

Potential employers hope to retain workers with unique capabilities and talents. As such, they will expect the candidate to explain particular character traits that set them apart and qualify them for the position.

Attending a job interview can be a nerve-wrecking ordeal for anyone. The only way to succeed, especially in a first job interview is to ensure you are fully prepared. When one is equipped with sufficient knowledge of the company and the position, they will naturally exude confidence during the interview. Lastly, knowing what to expect during the interview will definitely help an interviewee prepare accordingly for the job interview.


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