Tools and Resources for Students to Stay Organized in College


By Jane Hurst

As a college student, chances are that you have a lot going on in your life, and there are always things that you seem to forget to do. What you need are tools and resources to help you get better organized, and stay that way. Here are some of our top choices for organizational tools for college students.

  • Pocket – Use Pocket to keep track of your personal learning network (PLN). Bookmark articles so you can reference them later, add tags to articles to make them easy to find, and more. This lets you read the articles you want to read when you actually have the time to read them.
  • Quizlet – This free app is great for students who need help in their studies. In fact, over 20 million students are using this app to compile flashcards that will help them with their exams, and with their studies in general. Set things up so the cards come up in a certain order, or make them random to really test your knowledge.
  • Sunrise – This is an alternative to the calendar apps you are using now, or if you aren’t already using one, the best one for you to check out. The interface is crisp and clean, and it will integrate with many platforms, including iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar. It will also connect with LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other apps.
  • Khan Academy – Here you will find free video libraries, as well as assessments and interactive challenges for students. This is also a great site for parents, teachers, and coaches to use so they can keep track of what students are actually learning.
  • Black Mold Removal – A lot of dorms are located in older buildings, and it’s not uncommon for these buildings to have sick building syndrome. Mold is one of the causes, which is bad for your health. It can lead to illness and breathing problems, which are going to make it more difficult for you to study and get good grades. To get rid of mold in your dorm, contact this service.
  • Voxer – This awesome walkie-talkie app is great because it allows you to connect with colleagues or your PLN so you can share information quickly and easily.
  • Coursera – This app lets you find free online courses from some of the best universities in the world. You will find a huge range of topics, from biology to math to computer science to humanities and a whole lot more. Whether you want to pad your resume, make a career move, or simply want to expand your knowledge, this is a great tool to use to help you find the courses you want.
  • Common Core – This tool offers the Common Core State Standards app from MasteryConnect that lets you see standards from your mobile devices. Enter keywords and search the standards, or tap the screen to jump between various study areas and grades. This is the official website of CCSS, and it makes it really easy to find information when you want it, without having to wade through a bunch of paperwork because you’ve printed out articles to read later on.
  • UDACITY – This comes from Stanford University, when they offered the free class, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”. There was so much interest in this class that UDACITY was created to provide courseware that is even more open.
  • Remember the Milk – This tool will ensure that you never forget to complete a task again. This app can be synced with your calendar and email, and you can use the prioritizing function to schedule your important tasks to be done. You will need to have an Internet connection to use this app, but it is free and available for all mobile platforms.


Jane Hurst has been working in education for over 5 years as a teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge with students, is fascinated about edtech and loves reading, a lot.

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