Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues For 2015

As legislative sessions get underway in most states, higher education will be among many competing priorities on state lawmakers’ agendas. This brief provides a summary of the top 10 higher education policy issues most likely to garner state legislative activity this year.

This eighth annual synopsis, compiled by the state relations and policy staff at AASCU, is informed by last year’s state legislative outcomes, gubernatorial priorities, as well as trends and events shaping the higher education policy landscape. Some issues are perennial in nature, such as tuition policy and state higher education appropriations (#1 and #2 our on list), while others reflect recent policy dynamics, such as changes to campus sexual assault policies (#3 on our lis

January 6, 2015
AASCU releases Policy Matters brief “Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues for 2015” (Read)

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