Since the first year of its existence, which was 2005, YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms within the whole world. People use it for different purposes, including educational.

Many students share their stories on the Internet. They say that YouTube is the platform for everyone. They use it as both entertainments when having free time and platform, where they can improve their knowledge and skills. There exist plenty of YouTube channels (check this), but not all of them are useful. It might be difficult to generate the Top of YouTube channels for students of all categories, but here the most common are gathered.

ASAP Science has 8 708 034 subscribers and it highly popular among those, who are interested in science, biology and other disciplines like these. The channel was created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, who often participate in videos.

CrashCourse has 9 529 315 subscribers and contain short educational videos (each about 12 minutes) on different topics such as ‘European History’, ‘Engineering’, History of Science’, ‘Recess’, ‘World History’, ‘Biology’, ‘Ecology’, ‘Literature’, ‘US History’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Astronomy’ an many others. Various experts participate in the creating of channel’s videos.

Khan Academy has 4 924 342 subscribers and specifies in such topics as economics, mathematics, grammar, physics, biology, history, chemistry, finance, and others. The main aim of the organization founded by Salman Khan is to educate student all over the world. They release scientifically based videos for up to 10 minutes, but strongly informative.

Kurzgesagt (which means ‘in a nutshell’ in German) has over 9 070 000 subscribers. They say about themselves that they “explain things with optimistic nihilism). As for now, they produce one video per month, but the videos are of high quality and really worth seeing. The topics of the videos are “Medicine&Biology”, “Human Stuff”, “Futurism”, etc.

Numberphile has almost 3 billion subscribers. It is owned by Brandy Haran, who loves numbers and shares different life hacks connected with them. He often creates videos themselves, but also he invites other people, who can cover the topic of the video.

Smarter Every Day has over 7 000 250 subscribers. The videos are between 8 and 20 minutes. The creator of the channel aims at teaching people. The owner of the channel encourages people to leave comments or write him directly. The topics are various.

TEDEd Student Talks has 33 084 subscribers all over the world. The language of the channel is English, so this is easy to access for any person in the world. The channel was created as a youth and education initiative after famous TedED and TEDx Talks. They aim to sparkling student ideas all around the world. The videos are inspiring and the creators of the channel are open for comments. You can join the discussion at any time.

Vsauce has 14 556 318 subscribers and, as you can see, is highly popular over the world. It is translated into different languages by other users. On the channel such topics as ‘Culture’, ‘Space’, ‘Physics’, ‘Language’, ‘Technology’, ‘Art’, etc. are covered. There also exists a project called ‘Mind Field’, in terms of which Michael Stevens, the creator, works with famous researches in leading universities and they turn science fiction into science fact. He travels a lot, so the videos now are more interesting and useful.

As a bonus, we would share information about another channel on YouTube, which is not educational or scientific, but rather helps to boost your learning skills and create the atmosphere for studying, which is important for every student.

Thomas Frank has over 1.4 million subscribers and produces videos not about the subjects themselves, but about how to learn them effectively. His videos are simple tips of self-organization, time management, skills of learning loads of information, preparing for exams and fighting procrastination. He releases videos on average once a week. His videos also contain information about building social skills and ways of self-motivation.

The style of every channel is unique and stylish. All the creators have prepared the user-friendly interface of the videos. Surely, our aim is not to promote the channel, but to help students in their search of additional platforms, which can assist in becoming professional.


James Clark

James is an expert publishing consultant with more than two decades of experience working for individual authors, literary agents, and publisher clients, including Scholastic, Hay House, HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill Education, and others. He develops the tactics for media projects as well as consults on marketing and publishing strategies for external agencies, most of which are social media.


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