Useful Podcasts for College Students


Many people don’t realize the value that can be found in podcasts, especially for students. There are so many opportunities to learn, and not just academics. You will find a number of podcasts that can help you get motivated, take better care of your health, train your brain, and a whole lot more. Some podcasts are geared specifically for students, and others that are more general are still important for students to check out. Today we are going to look at seven important podcasts for college students.


  1. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Wellness, Inspiration, Self Help & Motivation for Your Daily Life

This audio podcast is one of the best self-help podcasts you will find, and it offers a wealth of information on a variety of topics. Find over 250 episodes that will give you advice you really need. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is not just a self-help podcast. It is a wellness and motivational podcast that offers personal strategies, information about personal habits, and more.


  1. The College Info Geek Podcast: Study Tips & Advice for Students

Here is a podcast that every college student should be listening too regularly. Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme offer great advice about things that students can do to improve their grades, and their overall college experience. They will help you learn how to be more productive, and how to build your own personal brand that is going to help you get your dream job after graduation.


  1. TED Talks Daily

The great thing about this podcast is that it is about everything you could ever want to know about pretty much everything. Whether you are interested in zoology or music or artificial intelligence, you will hear some ideas that are really going to get you to thinking, from some of the leading thinkers in the world today. This podcast is also available in video format. Sell laptop products and upgrade to newer versions for better video viewing.


  1. The Moth: True Stories Told Live

Listen to true stories, as told by those who lived them. These are people who have stories that are as engaging as they are informational, and you never know, you may learn a thing or two as you listen to the stories from around the globe. The podcast features stories from the Mainstage, StorySLAM, and community programs. There is also the Moth Radio Hour, which airs on more than 400 stations.


  1. Stuff You Should Know

Have you ever checked out If so, you will love Stuff You Should Know, the podcast from HowStuffWorks. You never know what Josh and Chuck are going to be talking about. It could be anything from how landfills work to how mosquitoes sting. A lot of the things you are studying could end up being topics, and you will get a lot of information that will help with your studies.


  1. Rationally Speaking

This is the official podcast of New York City Skeptics. Julia Galef and guests take a look at the fine line between nonsense and reason, the likely and the not so likely, science and fake science, and more. This podcast was co-created with Massio Pigliucci, and it is produced by Benny Pollak. Recording is done right in Greenwich Village.


  1. Good Job Brain

This is a free, weekly audio podcast that is a little bit offbeat news, and a little big quiz show. If you are looking for a podcast to really stimulate your brain, look no further than Good Job Brain. This is the ultimate podcast for trivia nuts, started by a group of people who wanted to be able to share their own love of trivia to the world.


Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and elearning specialist.


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