When $63,000 per College Student Is Not Enough

By Watson
Scott Swail
, President & CEO, Educational Policy
Institute/EPI International

An article in today’s The
Chronicle of Higher Education
, “Hey, Students, Your Education Costs More Than You Might Think,”
discusses how Hamilton College’s cost per student is over $63,000.

Hamilton College is a private liberal arts college based in
Clinton, New York that serves 1,812 students with a cost of attendance of about
$54,000. Hamilton has an endowment of exceeding $600 million, with a 27 percent
acceptance rate and average SAT scores in the lower 700s. They have a four-year
graduation rate of 84 percent and placed 17th on the US News and World Report
top liberal arts schools, number 24 on the high school counselor rankings, and,
get this, number 20 on the “best value schools.” Really.

In addition, 70 percent of the students are White, with only 5
percent Black and 5 percent Hispanic. Take away the 7 percent Asians and the 5
percent “international” students, and realistically you have a university with
1:10 diversity ratio (I don’t count Asians in this demographic). One Hamilton
student wrote on the collegeprowler.com website: “We’re pretty white.” As well,
only 12 percent of Hamilton students receive a Pell grant, meaning “poor,” in
the federal sense.


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