Where to find discounts for college students


Ask adults and they would be unanimous that student days were the best part of their lives. Pop the same question to current students and the responses may not be as optimistic. A university is undoubtedly a place for gaining knowledge and even experiencing the wilder side of life at times, but many students get bogged down by more mundane matters such as money. There are legendary tales of how students gorge on food and entertainment in the first week of the month, only to be condemned to a life of penury in the remaining part of the month.

Life may not be such a pain if students judiciously manage their finances. Student discounts are a major perk of being a student. Students can stick τo their monthly budget and yet manage to steal some fun by capitalizing on student discounts available on discount offers sites (i.e Wikigains, Lodlois, etc) and offline.

Whether you are looking to make a major purchase such as a computer or merely have an outing with friends, a student id card opens the doors to a wealth of student discounts.

Retail outlets pamper students with excellent discounts in an effort to catch them young as loyal brand customers. Many concert venues, bowling alleys and theaters also slash the prices for students—it is just a matter of asking around for the latest deals. Levi’s offers 15% reduction and clothing retailer Express also discounts 15% on online and in-store purchases.

Being a student does not mean the end of traveling. Public transport buses such as Greyhound handhold students with lucrative discounts.

The giants of the computer industry also ensure that students do not lose out on technology due to financial constraints. Apple gives a discount of up to $200 on a new Mac and $20 off on an iPad. Microsoft and HP are also not far behind in showering discounts on students.

Reading papers is never out of fashion despite the explosion of information on the internet. Leading papers offer special discounts for their student subscribers. The Wall Street Journal offers a semester rate of just $1 a week for both print delivery and digital access and the New York Times allows online access for $1 a week.

There is no excuse for not calling home as cellular services are willing to loosen their purse strings for the student customers. T-Mobile offers a $50 credit on phone bills, while Verizon waves off up to up to 20% of the monthly bills.

Museums, theaters, music venues and art galleries in town also lay the red carpet for students with hefty discounts, albeit on fixed days and pre-determined timings. Bay Area theaters such as Berkeley Repertory Theater, American Conservatory Theater, Aurora Theater Company and Magic Theatre offer attractive discounts exclusively for students.

Do not allow financial travails rob you, dear student, of the simple joys of university life. Let discounts usher you into a world of enriching experiences.

Byline – Anton Lucanus is the Director of Neliti. During his college years, he maintained a perfect GPA, was published in a top cancer journal, and received many of his country’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarships. Anton writes for The College Puzzle as a means to share the lessons learnt throughout his degree and to guide current students to achieve personal and educational fulfilment during college life.



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