Will Students Attend Basic 3 Year Colleges ?

  Arizona, Indiana, and some other states are considering a slimmed down 3 year bachelors degree in new  or revamped colleges that will offer fewer courses and degrees. Presumably, this will save money for students and the state. For example:

Governor Mitch Daniels called on Indiana’s colleges and universities to give Hoosiers the chance to push “fast-forward” on their college careers with the option of earning a bachelor’s degree in just three years. Only two schools in Indiana offer such an accelerated degree program, and relatively few students take advantage of it. But cutting out one-fourth of school could save some students up to $25,000. Daniels sees this as one way to boost the number of Hoosiers with college degrees, which he considers crucial to the future of Indiana’s work force. (Indianapolis Star, 04/20/10)

But most students at selective colleges who can finish in 3 years because they have so many AP courses , stay for the fourth year. But these new 3 year colleges would not be very selective, and have less financial aid, so no one knows what will happen.

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