10 Most Popular College Majors

By Iggy Kay


Choosing a major that is right for you isn’t always easy. As young adults get ready for college, they often have an idea of what they want to do in life, but this idea doesn’t always correlate with what they will be happy with. People choose their college majors based on a variety of factors, including not just what they think they will enjoy doing, but also how much money they want to make. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 college majors that are most popular among college students.

Business Administration

Young adults who want to be entrepreneurs, those who think they have what it takes to be their own boss and to run their own business and those who simply want to be in the business field have chosen Business Administration as their major. With this major, you will be proficient in running, organizing, managing and controlling various types of businesses. This major is a great choice for those people who consider themselves leaders.


We live in a world where research and innovation is what moves the world forward. Being part of this field is something that can be both financially and personally gratifying. ¬†Biology includes many different branches, such as studying the environment, animals, molecules, chemical processes and more. This major is an excellent choice for those who want to become biologists, as well as those who are considering the possibility of going to medical school after earning their Bachelor’s degree.


This major is a great choice for students who love math and who love to work with numbers. Everyone needs to do their taxes, as such accountants are always in demand. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is something that can be very financially rewarding and will also allow you to start your own accounting business.


Nursing degree is something that is going to be more and more in demand as the years go by. The Department of Labor estimates that by the year 2024, the demand for nurses will grow by 16%. This is more than 2 times the average 7% estimated growth for all other professions. Those students who earn a nursing degree will have a variety of institutions to work at, such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, home health care companies and more.

English Language and Literature

Studying the English language turns student into great writers – and that can be applicable to many different career paths. Students with degrees in English Language and Literature can go on to become book writers, journalists, teachers and much more.


A degree in Economics will teach students about how organizations and governments make their choices when it comes to financial resources. This major teaches students how to be analytics thinkers and it is great for those who want to work in the financial sectors such as banking, financial planning and risk analysis.

Computer Science

A field that is constantly evolving, Computer Science is a great major for those students who love to solve problems. Computer Science is a vast field that can include artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-computation, graphic design and various programming languages. Computer science can be quite rewarding financially, with compensation of up to $118,417 for a Software Engineer.

Criminal Justice

Those students who are thinking about law school as their next step often choose criminal justice as their major. A Criminal Justice degree will often lay the groundwork for students to finish law school and become prosecutors or defense attorneys. This degree is also an excellent choice for students who are thinking of becoming police officers, private detectives, probation officers and even Secret Service agents.

Teacher Education

Those students who want to become teachers will choose Teacher Education as their degree. This degree generally comes with a specific point of concentration, such as adult education, special education and elementary school. Frequently, students will also get a great feel of what it will be like to work as at teacher by working as a student-teacher while completing their degree.


Psychology degree is for those students who are curious by nature and who want to know how people think and why people act a certain way. Psychology degree also has a wide array of applications in the real world, such as human resources, marketing, counseling as well as teaching.

In summary, choosing a college degree that is right for you isn’t an easy task. Do your research before you start college, and you will find a degree that you are happy with – for life.

Bio: Iggy Kay is a freelance writer and a marketing consultant who enjoys writing about education and issues that affect both younger and older adults.

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