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5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Freshman Year


So you are all set to enter in the most exciting time of your life, you have ever dreamt of. You have successfully completed the whole process of admission and finally managed to reach the territory of your desired college campus.

You are eager to join different campus societies, becoming friend with different people of similar interests, thrilled to learn new courses, and breathe new life into yourself. You are visualizing yourself to be free, partying with friends, dining out with your pals, and experiencing new adventures as you like without parents nagging.

Freshman year is similar to owning a whole new world and doing anything you want to make most of the time memorable and joyous. You are free to make your own decisions and choosing the most suitable career path according to your interests and education. Leaving the comfort of home and moving into a whole new world can be exhilarating. But remember that everything comes with some exceptional challenges and a unique set of trials. For keeping this fact in mind, below mentioned are a few mistakes that a freshman must avoid.

  1. Balancing Your Both Life: Keeping a balance between home life and college life at once for a fresher is the most demanding task. However, it is not said to be impossible. The most common issue that a fresher deals with is trying to achieve balance when it comes to family and newly made buddies at college. At times, you get over-burdened because of work which is piled up on your desk for you to complete it in due time. Do not make yourself too busy that you could not remember to call or spend a little time with your parents. Try to make a call once in a week so they may know how you are dealing with new life. Give them a chance to speak their worries out for you. Assure them you are absolutely fine. Share with them how exciting and energizing it is for you to deal with campus life and its new aspects. No matter what, you will always be the apple of mom and dad’s eye.
  2. Stop Stressing Yourself: When you have taken enough stress looking for assignment writing help, completing academic writing seems like a nightmare to you, then take a deep breath and relax yourself. Being a fresher, you go through different psychological and emotional phases in your college life, but accepting the way it is and going with time can lead you on the path of success.
  3. Stop Giving Less Priority to Your Homework: If you prefer being social and giving less importance to your homework, it can cause distress later. It is good to hang out with your friends, but make sure you have completed your homework before. You would never like to see yourself freaked out a night before a class test.
  4. Not Interacting with Your Teacher: Another big mistake that a fresher make is avoiding an interaction with a subject teacher. Your teacher is your friend so building a strong relation in terms of understanding and discussing course related queries will benefit you in studying. Prove yourself as an eager learner.
  5. Do not Attempt Everything Which You Cannot Do: If you consider yourself to be a maestro of everything, then you can be proved wrong later in time. Managing a schedule during early days of college life can be tough, so allow yourself to have some time and prioritize thing accordingly.

Life is all about learning new things every day. Take advice of people who are ahead of you in the game. Be smart enough to extract joys out of difficult situations. Good Luck!

Rochelle Ceira is a professional consultant with extensive experience in the education sector. When not working, she invests her time analyzing latest ed-tech trends and ways on how those trends can be implemented.



Comparing Colleges For Persistence And Completion

Cross-State Report on Postsecondary Performance of U.S. High School Graduates Now Available 


Earlier this month, Achieve released a report on the college and career readiness of high school graduates across the United States. Fifty-one state profiles and a K-12 cross-state comparison report provide a snapshot of student performance across a number of indicators and highlighted significant limitations in the availability of data and inconsistencies in data reporting. Today, Achieve has released a second cross-state comparison report that looks at student postsecondary performance – specifically, at high school graduates’ enrollment, persistence, and remediation rates at two- and four-year colleges. The report shows that states report their graduates’ postsecondary outcomes at very different levels of comprehensiveness. While there were a number of challenges in comparing these data across states, the comparisons are nonetheless worth examining and understanding.


Collecting and reporting data to ensure transparency, setting the right expectations, and adopting policy and practices to get better results is a challenge that every state and local policy leader, educator, family, and community should embrace if they seek to make high school graduates college and career ready. We encourage you to take a look at your state’s individual performance profile as well as both comparison reports.



All students should graduate from high school

ready for college, careers, and citizenship.