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Benefits of Digital Marketing Training For Students


Digital marketing is constantly evolving as everything we know is becoming digital. That includes the way companies reach their audience, communication platforms and channels people are using, the way we improve our knowledge, etc. Not to mention that people spend a lot of their time on social media and buying from e-commerce brands such as Amazon and ASOS. So, there is no doubt about whether students can benefit from digital marketing training or not. The only real question is how they can benefit from it.

With so many digital marketing training options out there, how to find the one that suits you best? That’s why we’ve decided to bring you helpful tips when choosing your training and all the benefits you will get to enjoy.

Choosing the right digital marketing training

 If you’re already aware of how beneficial would it be to enroll in one of the digital marketing courses, then it’s time to find the right one for you. As many institutions understand that our society is moving towards digital, they’ve started to educate generations on how to make the most of it. If you’re among those enthusiasts who can’t wait to discover the digital world, there are several things you should keep in mind when looking at courses. First, you will need to look at the structure of the course to ensure it suits your needs.

Then, check the possibility of working on live projects as that will give you a practical opportunity to use your digital marketing knowledge.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:


  • Easy Knowledge Sharing
  • Better Reachability
  • Less Infrastructural Needs
  • Utmost Result Generation
  • Better Services


Since you’ll dedicate your time to learning about digital marketing, you should ensure that the institution you’ve chosen will provide you with a professional certificate in the end. It will help you later on in your career to have proof of your skills. Don’t forget to check which topics will the training cover. Even though digital marketing is a relatively new field, it is rapidly evolving and presenting new channels, platforms and ways every day, so it’s extremely important to stay up to date.

Efficient Digital Marketing can:


  • Be helpful in the expansion
  • Increases the reachability
  • Be the reason for better customer satisfaction
  • Be responsible for upcoming growth
  • Upgrade the level of business
  • Change the trend of the industry
  • Bring more opportunities

Check if SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are part of your chosen training as these two branches are becoming increasingly popular on the job market. Luckily, as more companies are focusing on SEO and SEM, there are many courses and platforms where you can upgrade your existing knowledge. For example, with a productivity tool like SEOBUDDY, you can become more efficient in SEO regardless of your business or profession. With countless options for anyone who wishes to learn more about the digital world, these platforms will provide you with so much more than just theoretical knowledge.

 Digital marketing training benefits

The right digital marketing training can help students discover their professional side which they didn’t have the opportunity to see before. You will learn to think from a business and creative side and notice what consequences each decision has for a project. Also, the job market is currently filled with digital marketing job ads as more companies are moving towards digital platforms. This will expand the area of jobs you might apply for one day after you’re done with your studies.

Most importantly, digital marketing will help you become a better professional regardless of your area of expertise. For instance, you could be a future developer, journalist or lawyer. With the skills you acquired from your training, you will be able to promote yourself better and highlight all your strengths on various platforms such as your own website, social media accounts, newsletters, Google Ads, and many others. Also, with the rise of the digital nomad lifestyle, students are looking for careers that will offer them flexible schedules. As digital marketing is being done online, it even doesn’t matter are you in the office or working from a cocktail bar on a tropical beach.


 Taking digital marketing training can be beneficial for students in so many ways, professionally and personally. You can’t be successful in business today if you don’t understand digital marketing. There is no doubt that having these skills will bring you better jobs in the future as employers appreciate their candidates showing interest to learn more. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best and make the most of your life with it!

BY LINE–Kristian Krisyk had been working in the field of web design for 7 years before becoming an entrepreneur in 2014 in design and marketing. His professional interests and hobbies defined major topics of his articles. These days Kristian runs his business and looks for new development opportunities. Follow him @KristianKrisyk or contact at




6 Essential Things To Do Before Beginning College


 There is more to do before college than you might think.  You need to get everything in order to prepare for moving and tackling an entire new lifestyle. Your best bet is to stay organized and take these essential tips:

 Buy Your Books and Supplies Online

 Something you will want to get in the routine of is purchasing your books online versus at your university bookstore. The books will be a lot cheaper online and there will be more used options. Check out sites like Ebay and Amazon for the best deals on college books. You can also find school supplies and other college necessities that you can get sent straight to your apartment or dorm room.

Online is the best place to get pens, pencils, binders, notebooks and everything else. The best part is that you won’t have to transport all of it to school. You can get it shipped straight to your college living area, which will make moving that much easier.

 Get a Well-Structured Calendar

 A great calendar is something that you will need in college that you might not have previously needed. There will be so many assignments, tests and social events that you will need to plan for somehow. A calendar allows you to make notes and keep track of classes and due dates. You can’t go wrong with a calendar and color coded pens and stickers. Now is the time to get organized.

Clean Out Your Room at Home and Get Rid of Old Items

 College is a great excuse to get a fresh start. This means decluttering and organizing your life. Sometimes the best way to have a clear head is to clear out your closet. There are surely so many things over the years that have piled up that you don’t need anymore. Get some trash bags and start clearing out your closets and drawers. This will help you sort out what you want to bring to college and what you want to donate. You then will have room for new things that will make you feel refreshed.

Decide on an Extracurricular Activity Now

 It’s never too late to decide whether you want to focus your time at college on knitting or SEO – what you need to do is make a decision. A passion cultivated in college is great as it could potentially help you with a side income: you could sell your knitwear on Pinterest or offer your tech-savvy services to blog. With influences and bloggers on the rise, it’s a growing market that could use fresh skills constantly. Also, any skill you pick up during your time in college is another skill you can put on your resume when you’ve graduated.

Buy New Art and Clothes for Your New Start

 College is a great time to start fresh and reinvent your style. Go online and purchase some fun art for your dorm walls. You can pick your favorite posters and prints to show off on your walls. Living by yourself means that it is your space that you can personalize, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Now is also a great time to purchase some new shoes and clothes. This will give you confidence when going into your first year of college.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready to Go

 One thing people forget about when heading to college is getting their car ready. Your parents won’t be there to remind you to get your car cleaned or oil changed. Your best bet is completing these tasks before you head to college. You will feel ready for the year after a good car detailing.

Make sure you check your tire pressure and any other part of your car that your mom or dad usually helps out with. This could save you from future car issues, as well as increase your peace of mind when driving.

Annabel Monaghan is a writer with a passion for education and edtech. She writes education and career articles for The College Puzzle with the aim of providing useful information for students and young professionals. If you have any questions, please feel free to email her at 




Learning Opportunities After College

by Mikkie Mills

The university degree is not as good as before. This month, many graduates will start their first job and achieve this goal. The real world can be tough after the rules and guidance of college.

Being Smart About Your Choices

I am writing this article to help you avoid the mistakes I made. A job description is important. But they are not the ultimate job possibilities. This is a lesson from Gwyn McNeal, Chief Legal Officer of Extra Space Storage. You will be asked to undertake tasks other than those listed in the job description. Instead of complaining, consider it as a new learning opportunity. This will refine new skills and be more valuable to employers This is a chance to better yourself. Graduates of college use internship programs to build bridges to help create jobs.


More Than A Diploma

The graduates who received the diploma that they had graduated from the university know that is not all they need to succeed. Unfortunately, when many college graduates graduate they are not worried about what will happen to their students. They just want their donations when they become alumni. Despite the changing needs of both the student and the employer, colleges must fulfill their historical role in creating a widespread education for adolescents.

But after many young people have completed their work and have a meaningful job, schools should provide work training programs to provide students with the necessary skills to improve their proficiency on the job. University graduates expect to earn more than if they had not graduated from college. In both respects, university graduates have been successful. University graduates have lower unemployment rates and earn high wages throughout their lives.

Return on Investment

Some critics even suggest that students should pay attention to the return on investment from a university degree. Forbes has created two lists of universities with the highest and lowest return on investment. According to the College Council, college graduates earn a fortune by earning around 73 percent more than secondary school graduates and earning more than 2-3 times more than those with only a secondary education. On average, college graduates earn $ 1 million compared to university graduates. A recent Brookings Institute study shows that college graduates develop better health and longevity. So, for a bachelor’s degree, this is not always the case, but graduates receive life-long incentives for the first investment.

Doctors, lawyers and MBAs increase the average income of college graduates. In addition, many believe that university degrees are not competitive enough in the market, so many may go on to graduate school.

Graduate School Options

A graduate school, sometimes abbreviated as grad school, confers an advanced degree, such as a master’s degree and a Ph.D., and generally requires students to obtain a previous undergraduate degree with a high average grade point average. The difference between postgraduate and vocational schools is that vocational schools offer advanced degrees in medicine, nursing, business, engineering, language and other specialties. The distinction between a graduate school and a vocational school is not absolute, as all vocational schools award graduate degrees. Many universities offer graduate degrees and graduate schools are not necessarily separate institutions. Degrees awarded to graduate students include Master’s degree, Ph.D., and other postgraduate diplomas and professional degrees.

Some examples of graduate programs are business schools, law schools, medical schools, and veterinary hospitals. Students of vocational schools are focused on their work and are looking to work in specific areas. The specialized program usually takes less than a four-year curriculum lasting 12-24 months. To complete a graduate school is an important and enjoyable moment. It is important to remember that not all people starting a graduate school can complete a degree. Successful individuals know how much work and effort they need to graduate. Some people get online degrees so they can continue their education on the side. Graduate students make personal sacrifices to continue their education. You have many options as a college graduate, including continuing education in vocational and graduate schools, or work experience.

Mikkie is a freelance writer from Chicago. She has a passion for advanced learning, reading, and health and fitness. She is also a mother of two who loves sharing her ideas on education, learning, health, fitness and yoga. When she’s not writing, she’s chasing the little ones around or can be found at the local climbing gym or doing yoga.


Effective Use Of Social Media In College Students’ Life


Lately, social media has gained credibility and it is considered a reliable source of information. Social media platforms are considered tools that facilitate interactions, and students have started to use them for multiple purposes. Social media has changed the way people communicate and even live. They are using social networks to share information not only with their friends and with family members but also with persons they have never met.

Studies show that young people consider social media a credible source of information, especially when they compare it with traditional media. They can earn valuable knowledge through social media, they can have insights on the topics that interest them and they can establish connections with persons who share the same interests. Here is why it is crucial for students to be active on multiple social media platforms.

Students use social media to connect with experts on certain topics

With social media, it is simple to determine who the experts are in a certain field. When they start following those experts, they learn more about the actions those people take and they gain useful insight into the subjects that interest them. They transform those experts into their role models and they start producing better results to follow their steps.  Social media can broaden students’ perspective and offer them a new perspective on certain pieces of content. They have the possibility to connect with experts and to address them questions on the topics they are interested in.

Institutions communicate with their students via social media

Educational institutions find easier to communicate with their students via social networks. They use YouTube, Facebook or Google Plus groups to share with their students, campus news, essential pieces of information, and to make announcements. Social media builds engagement between students and their college, and this prevents multiple issues from happening because of lack of information.

Social media helps students adjust to college

Research shows that social support has a vital role in helping students make a successful adjustment to their new life. Social media facilitates communication between students, and it influences young people’ self-perception. Through their social media account, students can establish and maintain interpersonal connections. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can guide them entering an unfamiliar social environment. They can help them learn about their peers and college, and this can create an affiliation with the educational institution and satisfaction.

Students build social credibility with the help of social media

Students have started to use social media to build a portfolio for their career. They use social media networks to share their work, a beneficial aspect for them because it demonstrates their skills. Even if at the beginning they do not have millions of followers, they can easily grow their audience with the help of tools like Famoid. Social media builds their credibility by reflecting their educational background.

Social networks interactions gained a vital influence on education systems and it will soon become one of the main means of solving the educational problems, students are experiencing. The greatest benefit is that social media has numerous tools that can make the learning process feel more pleasant.

A bit about myself:

Emma Bonney is a successful blogger whose articles aim to help readers with self-development, Women’s Empowerment, Education, entrepreneurship and content management.

College May Feel Like Everything, But Is a Stepping Stone


 As a higher education student, you get a lot of advice over the years. It often feels like it is coming at a million miles a minute, especially when you already have impending due dates for assessment and study sessions for upcoming exams coming out of your ears. The advice can be broad, or it can be specific. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are studying to become a doctor, a writer or a diesel mechanic…the advice all sounds the same. “Keep your head down”. “Plan your study sessions out a week ahead”. “Schedule time out for yourself too”. And sometimes, the advice is more specified towards specific areas of study and/or career interest.

The best advice for college students is to treat it as the transient stage that it is

There is an abundance of advice out there. But, the best piece of advice you will ever get as a student, is to treat college or university for what it is. Take it seriously of course, but university does not last forever, and in the grand scheme of things it is but (arguably the most important) a stepping stone on the path to your career after graduation. Your years at college or university will be paved with challenges and victories, and it is important to take the time to celebrate or learn from them, and then prepare for the next boatload of assessment. And then, one day, there is no more assessment to be completed. You are done with higher education. And graduation comes. And this is when a lot of students feel lost, dazed, confused. But this is also where life really begins.

Take your studies seriously, but don’t lose sight of what comes after

Of course, you should be giving your assessments your all, every single time. That is a given. Do your best, and you will reap the rewards. But getting too lost in university or college assessment pieces and leaving little to no room for other aspects of life can prove to be risky. During your time as a student, make sure that you are doing real experience as well as your written work – even (and especially) if that means stepping out of the classroom or the campus entirely to do so. When you graduate, top marks are obviously a stand out, but more than that, potential employers will value your determination and grit. These traits determine whether you will be the first choice as an intern in an influential firm in your field, whether it be a digital marketing agency or a legal practice. Potential employers all look for the same qualities of initiative and dedication.

Prepare your life for going beyond the campus

When you have experience in your field that delves outside the traditional classroom experience of college or university, you set yourself apart from other applicants, you have an edge that cannot be paralleled. This is why students are encouraged to apply for internships as this will give them practical experience in the industry of their choosing. Internships apply to every profession. Even if you’re not qualified to work as a professional just yet, think outside the box. For example, if your ambition is to become a cosmetic dentist, apply for a pre-dental shadowing program. Even if a student decides to take on a part time job instead which is unrelated to their field, it is also a learning experience as the student will be able to learn life skills such as time management, stress management and have a taste of what it means to be a functioning adult with responsibilities. For example, becoming a  is very tough.  “Being a doctor is about more than med knowledge, it is also about heart”. “Fixing an automatic vehicle is a little different to fixing a manual…but not all that much, once you get used to it”.

Even though your studies are immensely important, it is also important to make time for real-time experience when and if possible. Lastly, it does not do to forget to make time for yourself, too. These are the most intense years of your youth – make sure that you take care of yourself first and foremost. It is probably a good idea to schedule free time or join a fitness program simply so you have time for yourself to unwind and stay in a positive headspace.

Byline – Anton Lucanus is the Director of Neliti. During his college years, he maintained a perfect GPA, was published in a top cancer journal, and received many of his country’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarships. Anton writes for The College Puzzle as a means to guide current students to achieve personal and academic goals

Facts Students Must Know About Sleep and Mental Health


Over the recent years there has been a rise of mental health problems in college and school kids. With the growing academic pressure, hectic life, intrusive technology etc. kids are getting less and less sleep which a huge factor in is affecting mental health. In order to ensure a good night’s sleep, it is important to cut down on caffeine and junk food, reduce the use of technology, and maintain a proper schedule. Your bed also plays a major role in contributing to sleep. Before you buy a mattress, click here to read all Sleep Junkie reviews and make an educated choice. Keep all your clutter off the bed and change your sheets at least every week. Lack of adequate sleep can have deep rooted effects on your mental health and cause several diseases.

Why do we need adequate sleep?

While human babies need up to sixteen hours of sleep which is essential for their growth and the healthy development of the baby, adult humans need at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every day. Our body heals itself and the cells repair and regenerate when a person is sleeping. Thus, when a person doesn’t get enough sleep, the cells do not get the necessary time to repair, leading to a slowing down of the healing process, leaving one tired. But what we do not realized that sleep does the same thing for our brain as well. While the brain does not shut off the processes during sleep, it definitely gets its necessary rest and the tissues are healed. This is especially essential for younger people as their brain is usually under a lot of stress and functions more than a regular adult person’s owing to hectic school and academic needs. Scientists believe that sleep flushes out the toxins which is why sleep deprivation leaves us tired, disoriented and unable to function mentally. Regular sleep deprivation doesn’t give the brain cell enough time to relax, repair and regenerate, and thereby, lead to several mental health problems, or aggravate the existing ones. In the long run it can be even fatal.

Sleep deprivation and mental exhaustion

Lack of a good night’s sleep can lead to general exhaustion as the brain doesn’t get its necessary rest which is manifested in a feeling of being constantly tired and sleepy. This can be aggravated when it becomes a regular feature, leading to disorientation, causing one to zone out from conversations, inability to participate in classes, shorter attention span and irritability. This leads to the student lagging in school, be it academic or social life. It also affects the ability to make good judgments and take necessary decisions. It impairs their logical and problem-solving skills immensely, which is severely detrimental to academic success.

Aggravated mental health disorders

Lack of adequate sleep plays a major role in aggravating and sometimes even causing, several mental health disorders, especially in kids. Sleep deprivation messes up the chemical balance in the brain and thus diseases like depression, mania, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder etc. are severely impacted.

Lack of sleep can be an indication of several serious health issues and thus it is important to seek professional help.

By line for Linda Anderson

I’m a writer and musician residing in Boise, ID in the United States, although I spent a small amount of time (about three years) living in the UK growing up, due to my father’s occupation. I graduated from the College of Idaho with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a focus in marketing in 2014.

Crime Prevention Tips For Every Student


Most colleges will do everything that is in their power to ensure their students’ safety, but students need to protect themselves as well. During the ‘15/’16  school year for k-12 schools, 79% of public schools reported one or more incidents of violence, theft, or other crimes, which makes a total of 1.4 million crimes. In other words, 28 crimes per 1,000 students happened during that time. From the thefts to even murders, the media very often reports on such incidents which can happen in any state. Is there something that students can do to decrease these numbers mentioned above?

A higher level of security leads to better quality lives for students, from better academic performance to their own wellbeing. After all, safety starts with responsibility. Actively thinking about your own and your campus community’s safety is what will provide a pleasant, enjoyable place for students. There are certain crime prevention tips every student should know about, and we’ve decided to highlight the most important ones.

Asking for help

 Many students will feel ashamed to ask for help because they think it makes them vulnerable or weak, but crime can happen to anyone. Understanding how you feel about it can show you what actions need to be taken, so you feel better and safer. For instance, if you think that you are not physically prepared to protect yourself in case somebody attacks you on the street, you can enroll in activities such as self-defense, box, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or something similar. This type of activity teaches you not just how to protect yourself, but also boosts your confidence and provides you with a feeling of control over various situations.

Also, asking for help after a crime has happened should be something a student should consider. Some might think that it’s too late to do anything about it, but crimes need to be reported, investigated and solved. If you’ve been a victim of any crime, you should ask for the help of a lawyer. There are many great lawyers who are skilled to help young people like students to deal with such situations. You will most likely find a lot of lawyers in any city, especially where there is a campus. So, if you’re living in San Diego, you should contact San Diego criminal lawyer as this professional will be familiar with the location, most common crimes, potential suspects and all the necessary procedures. Same goes for every other city in the United States.

Your attitude

The way you walk and look around is significant if you want to make sure you’re as safe as possible. Try not to appear vulnerable, confused, tired or lost. All of this will make someone with bad intentions think you are an easy target. Avoid situations or places that make you feel this way. If you’re unsure of the direction, always check before you go. When you feel too tired, stay at home and relax instead of wandering around.

It would be best if you think about the various situations that can happen and try to think of the way you would react to them. This can help you feel more prepared for any possible outcome and allow you to enjoy your days without worrying you will not be able to protect yourself. Putting more focus on your reaction to the potential situation will give you a feeling of control.

Stay focused

 Having a confident attitude will not get you far if you’re not focused. That means you should never leave your stuff unattended.


  • When leaving the place you live in, always double check if you locked the door. Make sure your windows are closed if you live on the first floor.
  • When you go out with your laptop or other valuable belongings, always pay attention to people who are sitting around. Unfortunately, getting up to get the coffee just a few steps away from your stuff can result in a theft.
  • If you’re a driver, take the same level of care for your vehicle. When you’re parking your car, always check the surroundings.
  • If the place looks too dark and dangerous, you should park it somewhere else.

Also, talking to your friends will get you more useful information to ensure your safety as people will share their own experiences with you. It will help you feel included and part of a safer community as well.

Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University. Nowadays she is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. Follow her @melissaaburns or contact at




Benefits of Libraries For College Students


Libraries were perceived to be sources of information. However, this has changed over the years with information being avoidable from anywhere and at any time. As a professional thesis writer, you are likely to struggle wondering whether libraries are still important or relevant for students.

Before dismissing these important structures, it is worth looking at the importance or value of a library to students.

  • Encourage Curiosity, Problem Solving And Innovation

Students are in school to learn about particular subjects. This is likely to leave them with a closed down mentality about education. The library claims to have books and materials on all subjects you can imagine in the world. When a student is looking for a solution, wants to develop something or is pinched by the bug of innovation, he or she will turn to the library. It, therefore, becomes the go-to place whenever you want to be innovative.

  • High Quality Reference Materials

Libraries stock quality reference materials for academic purposes. There are numerous books, articles, journals, and magazines, among other publications in the world. Their quality cannot be ascertained. However, a library never stocks any material without vetting. This is a guarantee that you will get the best quality reference materials.

  • Supports Reading And Literacy

The library supports reading and literacy among students and the community. The idea of a library signals nothing else but reading and pursuit of knowledge. It forms a habit and tradition of reading among students and members of the society.

Open spaces for reading are becoming increasingly difficult to find. This leaves students with only the library to run to. Further, the library gives you a feeling of formal learning. This perception is important if a student is to achieve academic goals and a community produce literate persons.

  • The Best Place To Study

People can ready anywhere, but there is no guarantee that they will comprehend the text. You can study in the house, under a tree, in the vehicle and so many other places. However, no place will defeat the suitability of a library when you need to study.

A library is a quiet place for a thesis writer to produce the best academic paper. This allows the reader to concentrate and therefore produce well thought out ideas. This boosts the quality of paper you get.

A library is also a comfortable place to read and write. The seats and tables are designed in a way that you can concentrate long hours and focus on academics. Other students are also within the premises. In case you need to consult, they will assist. Further, there are books of all kind in the library. You do not spend all day searching for them. With the assistance of experienced librarians, these books will be easy to find.

  • Safe Place For The Quiet Students

Students exist in different personalities and calibre. Some are loud and jumpy such that they spend their free time in the field. Provision is made for such personalities. However, there are quiet academic-focused students in every school. Their main activity is taking to books even though they may be allocated time to play. These students find a comfortable place to explore and execute their ideas.

Some of the students are sharp and working on dynamic projects beyond school work. There are others who need extra time to work on class projects and exercises. Other than work from the class where their concentration can easily be distracted, the library provides a solution.

  • Dynamic Resources For Students To Test Their Knowledge

Students have their academic work to complete. However, they have other ideas and are curious about what is in the world around them. The library provides a safe place where they can test these ideas and knowledge.

The reference materials available are not restricted to a single subject. This gives an opportunity for students to explore more ideas using credible materials stocked in the library. It helps to boost their confidence and also enables them to be innovative in their learning process.

The library is not about to be replaced, not even by technology. Thesis rush provides high-quality academic materials that will make writing easy and fast. You will also get quality writing services on different topics to boost your academic performance.

Writer Bio

Sebastian Miller is a former Calling Lake School science teacher. After 4 years of teaching, he decided to become a freelance writer. In Sebastian’s opinion, math is the core of all science and his goal is to enlighten as many schoolers as possible through writing.

21st Century Challenges for 21st Century Universities

By Leslie Wilder


From Nelson Mandela to Malala Yousafzai – eminent and revered personalities from various fields and professions have always advocated the fact that education is the one and only weapon that is capable of changing the world, and can bring about growth and productivity in all domains including politics, business, social structure and more.

As time progresses, the trail of education for individuals also changes.  We are no longer dependent on hefty textbooks and long classroom lectures to gather the knowledge we seek. The digital world gives us various platforms to educate ourselves, walk the extra mile and break all barriers. Also, the students of this era are more ambitious than ever, which has subsequently led to the sprouting of modern and innovative universities.

Just as discerning individuals choose to dine at exotic restaurants, live in exceptional villas and wear the trendiest of outfits, they also lookout for universities that are leading edge, and at par with the contemporary world.

But, as they say, no good thing comes easy in life. Hence, although these modernized universities have made their own glorious place in the education domain, they are facing their own sets of challenges on a regular basis too.

Here’s a little glimpse into the primary challenges that a 21st Century university is likely to face.

  • Students’ expectations are rising exponentially

It is no unknown news that with each passing day the job market is getting more and more competitive. This teamed up with the increasing expenses when it comes to quality higher education is giving the universities a hard time to zero in on a suitable plan for the students. In many countries, the university boards are introducing specialized initiatives to build a direct connection between the employment and income results with their graduation degree. Measures are being taken to entitle each student to the opportunity to be able to quantify the profits or losses with respect to their choice of undergraduate degrees, and the authority or board which provides it. The model of business for universities is being revamped with a more student-centric approach.


  • Keeping up with digital innovations and technology advancements

As we all know, that teaching infrastructures and models are rigorously making a shift to the digital platforms in order to provide a more smart and innovative teaching and learning experience. This is the era when artificial intelligence and big data are ruling, and are opted for to improve the operation of educational businesses against the set performance objectives. Contemporary universities are making huge investments on cutting edge software, tools and analytical principles so as to make data-driven and robust decisions. Customer relationship processes are also being automated and digitized in order to improve the support structure of the back offices.


  • Maintaining a global approach in terms of operation

As modern educational approaches are all about increasing the mobility of students and offering them an expansive educational marketplace, universities are bound to work towards building a compelling and highly competitive curriculum that stands true and valid even beyond their local context. When talking about expanding on global lines, one can’t deny the many hurdles in the way. Starting from the ever-changing immigration policies, currency exchange valuations, stability in terms of geopolitics and varying needs in terms of preference in terms of process and location of learning. In such a scenario, universities which can boast of strong international connections which subsequently lead to opening opportunities for students and faculty to study and work overseas are getting a great deal of additional brownie points, and are being chosen over others.


  • Convincing the best talent to join and stay

If you analyze the most successful colleges or universities in today’s market, you will find one thing common in all – giving high importance to a competent and diverse workforce. Building a staff that has the right amount of expertise and show potentials of offering the basic cookie cutter services is the smartest thing universities can do to attract and retain the best students. Then again, with so many universities and disciplines across the globe, universities need to formulate smart strategies to offer competitive rewards to their staff, so as to lure in the finest of them. When it comes to rewarding your teaching staff, it doesn’t always imply towards monetary perks. Studies have shown that benefits like giving the staff the flexibility and freedom to incorporate their unique methods, supporting them in terms of their research work and publications and offering them a respectful position derive greater results than monetary benefits.


  • The cost and funding issues

Going back to from where we started, with increasing expectations and competition, there is a significant increase in the cost of successfully running an educational institution in today’s times. Hence, colleges and universities are constantly battling with the pressure of offering the best of services a new age student seeks, while keeping the cost of their education affordable for their families. Programs that are extremely expensive and lead to creating a massive debt for the students, is not something that’s well appreciated in the market. Educational bodies are thus working towards making use of technology to reduce the expenses of delivering expected results.


  • Funding and sharing research outputs

With the increasing number of educational institutions and their subsequent student intake, government bodies have started to extensively scrutinize the amount of funding approved for a research, and the duration of the funding. On the other hand, as issues of climate, population, energy and security are rising, government programs are especially encouraging innovations on these domains. This is thus fueling the need for educational bodies to closely collaborate and build robust partnerships with relevant businesses.

As we can see, the structure and functionality of educational institutions in the 21st century is changing at a high pace. This rise is subsequently intensifying the competition between existing universities, keeping their status and positioning at risk constantly. Thus, this is the time when universities need to brace up and work harder than ever to keep its place secured.

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