5 challenges of student life and some solutions


Student years are the happiest period of life. This time is meant to be your golden age because you may meet the first real love and find tried-and-true friends. Most students aspire to enjoy adult self-dependent life, but in a reality growing up is followed by numerous problems.

We know the 5 most common problems of student life and its solutions. Here is the list.

5 student problems no matter where you live

  1. There is no TV in a dormitory. You are a football fan and don’t want to miss a game of your favorite team or you want to spend an evening with friends watching the latest movies. In such situations the presence of TV in a dorm room is necessary. But if there is no TV, what to do? Take it easy and download any relevant app in playstore by simply searching for “online TV”. You’ll get access to free movies around the clock.
  2. Lack of sleep.And the reason for this is not always the study. Students spend all night at the computer, in social networks, in the noisy company with groupmates and in the morning they are totally exhausted for lectures. Each student swears that today he’ll go to bed early after a hard day and have a good sleep. But if you live in a student dormitory, it is absolutely impossible. It’s ever repeated! But you can sleep off at home on weekends or make a wake-up workout. It will pick you up.
  3. Where to find food?Even if you know how to cook, it’s hard to find the energy to cook after a difficult day in university. Lots of students prefer fast food in such cases, but you will not last long on such diet. What to do? You can invite your dormitory neighbor to visit you and hope that he will take some food. The most effective way is to organize a cooking party. Invite your friends, tell them what to buy and make a competition in cooking. The secret is all meals will be yours when they go home! Then you will need only to heat meal after the day in university. Also, you can make arrangements on duty in the kitchen with roommates.
  4. Cool and cheap entertainment.Student life means complete freedom and everybody manages it as wish because at the first sight student leisure is full of entertainment. There are clubs, bars, cinemas, billiards, etc. The choice depends on the financial possibilities and personal interests of each student. But take it clear: you may need to find a job to have fun with your friends.
  5. White crow.Doesn’t everybody like your hobby in student dormitory? Don’t pay attention, continue to do what you like. Very soon you will see how quickly the attitude of fellow students will change in a better way. Be yourself!

Everyone has own way of life, but those people who are lucky to be a student, have to face with a number of challenges. No matter what difficulties will appear on our way, each of us will remember a time when were students!

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