5 Good Jobs for Graduates With No Experience


The biggest mistake of many students is that they start applying for low-paid positions just to earn some money.  Instead of working as a waiter at the cheap restaurant next door, spend this week or two deciding on your career path.

 Begin your journey with having a look at the Top-5 high paying and demanded careers for college and university graduates.

  1. Construction & Engineering

Average wages: $139,000 annually

To specify, the field is called petroleum engineering. While you may think about a regular engineer who earns cents for fixing some models or developing plans for modest premises, this sort of engineers takes part in locating natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits. That’s where the name comes from.

Be ready to:

  • work in team,
  • use all your communication skills,
  • apply various cost-efficient methods of petroleum recovery,
  • and implements everything you have learnt from your chemistry, high math, geometry, geology, physics, and, of course, engineering & construction classes.

This position can be divided into three types by way employee drills process that he is involved in.

Reservoir engineers control the geological construction for the most effective strategic method of extraction. Drilling engineers deal with computer-run models. They also require a solid knowledge of Information Technology so far. Production engineers watch after the interface between drilling and extraction. They also need accounting skills.

  1. Actuarial math

Average wages: $90,200

The job title is actuary. Despite you may think this person works with mathematical or engineering issues, in fact, this expert goes deeper into the financial outcomes of risks. As far as investments and stock exchange are gaining more and more popularity all over the world, those who are involved in these activities demand financial professionals to keep the invested money safe or at least warn people about possible threats.

In order to master this art, an applicant will have to present:

  • perfect mathematics,
  • statistics (both traditional and computer-based),
  • and financial theory.

Mind that you’ll need to research and forecast further market fluctuations. Also, these professionals observe the situation with insurance and pension programs.

  1. Aerospace engineer

Average wages: $86,300

Are you dreaming of innovations? Wish to craft useful goods for your nation? Then you should pay attention to the position titled “Aerospace engineer”. It involves developing the elements of:

  • spacecraft,
  • aircraft,
  • satellites,
  • missiles,
  • and many other items.

As far as the requirements are very different, we recommend focusing on one product category. It won’t reflect your salary: no matter whether you deal with military aircraft or rockets, these goods are always in high demand. To join this industry, you’ll have to study mechanics, engineering & construction, control systems, thermodynamics, navigation, and IT. As you can see, this occupation requires a lot of efforts but is worth trying.

  1. Army & Air Force Exchange Service – Any Position

Average wages: depends on your occupation

Finally, if you did not find any specific profession that corresponds to your education, you can try turning to Army & Air Force Exchange Service for help. By using this service, you will definitely find a job which offers a range of social benefits. Except for the attractive salary, you’ll receive:

  • health insurance,
  • 100% security,
  • Sick and annual leave,
  • meal programs,
  • and more.

You will most probably deal with sales (electronics, food, snacks, and clothing).

  1. Statistician

Average Salary: $79,000

Without hiring a professional statistician, the company won’t be able to conduct in-depth research and interpret the data. That is why it is crucial to perform well in your Statistics class. Apply both qualitative and quantitative research to get a highly paid position in almost any industry and any company in such areas as:

  • Healthcare and medicine.


Sit down and weigh all pros and cons of your education. Nobody wants to join that quarter of graduates which remains unemployed after a year. Read more about the industries discussed above. Are there any positions that meet your expectations?