5 Tips To Help You Study While You Travel



Travel the world while you’re young, they say. Unfortunately, most people are studying when they’re young, which means they probably have to pick between seeing Florence or studying for their midterms.

However, clever students can get away with studying on their holiday if they follow a few simple steps. To help their students study without compromise, during one of my travels, in Australia, I met some students from JMC Academy, Australia’s leading private college offering creative courses and they gave me the following advice:


1.   Prepare before you leave

To study while travelling, preparation is key. Make sure you get all the notes and keep a track of the passwords you use to access your institution’s online portal. Plan out your trip and take books only for the subjects you intend to study for.


2.   Embrace disruptions

If you take a flight out to your destination, you could have hours of uninterrupted study on board. While travelling to a new destination you can spend all the time you are locked into your seat to catch up with your notes. However, embrace the disruptions that come with being on holiday with friends and family. If you plan to study but your friends really want to go down to the beach, make a concession and go. It’s important for you to take frequent breaks and enjoy yourself.


3.   Make sure the internet is available

Online courses and even university notes are all available online now, so it’s essential that you have a backup plan for when the hotel wifi isn’t working. Try to buy a mobile internet hotspot which you connect to anywhere. Make sure you understand roaming charges and the terms and conditions of free wifi at cafes. Stay connected as much as you can so you can quickly Google something if you need to.


4.   Schedule fixed hours for study

Perhaps the best thing you can do to balance work and play is to have fixed hours for study everyday. If you finish all your work early in the morning, you free up the entire day to see places and have fun.


5.   Don’t study too much

Don’t forget you’re on holiday. When you’re travelling and trying to see new parts of the world, keep aside your books and take the time to relax. If you spend most of your holiday with your nose buried in a book, what’s the point of travelling? Don’t let life pass you by.

These five simple tips should help you strike the perfect balance between studying and travelling.

Kate Larson is a college student and aspiring blogger, who has a strong interest in the environment and personal well-being. She enjoys travelling and reading, as well as writing novels.




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