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A lot of fresh graduates are out of work today. If you are not currently out of work, you probably will be sooner or later. The ability to get the right job at the right wage is one of the most important skills to develop. In this article, I will show you some great ideas and job search platforms that will help you with your future career.

How to find a job if you are a fresh graduate

First of all, let everyone know you are looking for a job. You never know when an opportunity may arise, so by letting your friends and family know you are looking for work, you extend your reach beyond the opportunities you may see alone.

Fine-tune your resume. Make changes to highlight the right experiences for each position you’re applying for. Swap around skills and keywords for different industries. In fact, it may be helpful to have various versions of your resume, each tailored for a different position or field.

Make use of professional social media. I know that LinkedIn may not be the most exciting social media platform. However, their recent survey showed that 94% of recruiters use this social network. Give your profile a facelift before you begin to apply.

Don’t limit yourself to traditional job search websites. Don’t ignore applications and job postings online; sign up with a local employment agency and read online ads. Besides these traditional methods, networking and informational interviewing will help you to inform people in your industry that you are searching for a job.

Platforms for finding a job

It’s probably not the best idea to check every company website. It is not only tiring but also ineffective.

Whether you are looking for a job in finance or healthcare, the following websites are among the best.


EngineerJobs is one of the most popular and largest engineering job sites. It offers a wide range of positions worldwide, including job openings from large corporations such as Canon, Mitsubishi, SpaceX, and others.


Engineering Daily is a platform that publishes articles about the industry and offers a lot of fun brain teasers for those who are looking for a job.


USA JOBS is a federal government job board, and it offers jobs solely in the public sector. You will find detailed job descriptions as well as salary ranges to help you make informed decisions.


Making a career in healthcare is not the easiest task to achieve. It requires both education and experience. However, there are several platforms that can connect job seekers and employers. Among them are Health Callings, Healthcare Job Site, and Snagajob. These platforms will help any entry-level professional to search for new opportunities and connect with top healthcare employers.

There are also a lot of specialized platforms that will help to narrow your search. For example, if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job as a dental hygienist or assistant, you can skip the general-purpose websites and go to a platform for dental hygienists and assistants such as Cloud Dentistry.


Hospitality jobs are infamous for the long working shifts, but this industry is still a dream job for many. Moreover hospitality management major becomes more popular higher education choice every year. The problem to find the job in this niche is that the number of options is so big, that one can barely get the idea of market needs. A good resource to find hospitality jobs is Hospitality Online. The resource has search options divided by more narrow hospitality business categories and position levels.


Although the financial market is competitive, there are still a lot of opportunities and room for optimism. Among the platforms that focus solely on this industry is eFinancialCareers, which publishes job offers in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia–Pacific regions. FinancialJobBank, which is more US-oriented, offers thousands of accounting jobs from entry-level opportunities for students to more advanced positions.

Additional Websites

In addition to the specialized sites, there are helpful general-purpose platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Moreover, if you are close to graduation, don’t forget to visit your job-placement center to ask for entry-level opportunities and advice.

This is a challenging time for graduates to find a job they deserve. However, in spite of the economic changes, there a number of opportunities and possibilities. Persistent people can find great jobs and earn more.

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