10 College Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

By Linda Anderson

College admission can be a nerve wracking process. From application to acceptance, the entire process will seem excruciatingly long and painful, but it is the interview which will determine if you will get the coveted thick envelope or a rejection. It is not just your academics but also extracurricular activities, service to the society and how well you do in the interview which will determine your future. Here are ten questions you need to prepare, besides doing a thorough study on your field of education.


  1. Tell us about yourself?

Majority of students find this the most difficult question but this will help you make your first impression. Remember that they already have your resume and do not require you to recite it for them. So, make sure this is interesting, informative and gripping.


  1. Why do you want this college?

Flattery won’t help you in your interview hence, you have to be objective about your answer. Explain why you chose the particular programme how you plan to apply your education in building a career. If you are unsure of making the right choice, Forward Pathway can be the most useful option in guiding you towards the best college for you.


  1. What can you give this college?

Colleges want students who will contribute positively, to their college. You cannot simply enlist your positive qualities. You have to convince them by telling them how you plan to uphold the college’s heritage, if you are selected, and how you plan to enrich it further with your insight and work.


  1. Why should we pick you?

This is where a large number of students mess up by being either too cocky or displaying a lack of confidence. You have to convince them how the selected programme is perfect for you and how you stand out from the crowd.


  1. What are your strengths?

Discuss in detail, your strength and also how it will help you in pursuing your degree or excelling in your field. Remember that your interviewers are experienced in their field and will read through your lies, so do not show off with cocky answers.


  1. What are your weaknesses?

Never say that you do not have any weakness. Be honest about your weaknesses and explain how you plan to work on those so that you can do better. Prepare well for this question to ensure that you do not mention a weakness which might ruin your chances completely.


  1. Who do you idolise most?

There is no right answer to this. It can be anyone, ranging from your parents to a 9/11 hero to an old neighbour who feeds all stray animals. But, it is important to remember that this says a lot about you so pick carefully.


  1. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Colleges want a student who is focused and has a solid plan on how to use his or her degree and education. You don’t need to have everything figured out, but it is important to have some plans for your future. They need to know that you will not waste your college years drinking and partying only.


  1. What would you change about high school?

Irrespective of whether you had a good experience in high school or not, you cannot be disrespectful of an educational institution. Answer this question wisely so that it establishes you as an insightful and constructive person.


  1. What do you do when you are not studying?

Colleges want individuals who are into all round development and not people who only bury their nose into their book all the time. It is important to have hobbies and achievements beyond academics as well.

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