Introductory Jobs: How to Get Started Straight After/During college



Recent grads will be comforted to know that it looks like the U.S. job market in 2017 is ripe for the picking when it comes to introductory positions. According to a recent survey done by, the hiring rate for entry-level jobs has reached a new record, showing an increase of 8,5% compared to last year’s numbers.

While this is certainly good news to hear, as a newbie in the labor market, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many different directions you could go with. Of course, the best-case scenario is to get a position in your field of study. To that end, and to help guide you in your job search, below is a list of the best entry-level jobs available in different industries that have the highest hiring rates for 2017.

Web Applications Developer – There’s no doubt that IT is one of the fastest growing industries nowadays and, as such, it offers plenty of career opportunities within its field. According to a study done by WalletHub, applying for an App Developer position is one of the best entry-level options for 2017 graduates. Not only that, but the position has one of the fastest projected job growth by 2024, so you won’t be out of work as an app developer any time soon.

Medical Scribe – If you’re looking for experience in the medical field, especially if you’re planning to become a physician, your best option is to start looking into medical scribe jobs. The labor market for this position emerged thanks to the adoption of electronic health records a few years ago and medical doctors, being the busy people that they are, really don’t have the time to input a patient’s data into a computer. That’s where the medical scribe comes in.

Since the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 38% this year, you can be sure there’ll be no shortage of opportunities for premed students and recent graduates. The job won’t give you the highest income. However, you’ll have a chance to learn a lot while shadowing doctors as they go about their rounds.

Customer Service Representative – If you’re a good listener, have great communication skills, and like helping people, a customer service position could be the right fit for you. The good news is that basically, every industry can have a customer service opportunity, so even if this is not the kind of position you ultimately want to be in, you will be able to get an introduction to your field of preference. It is a particularly good option for those of you who are still in college since the position usually doesn’t require a college degree.

Software Engineer – Not only is a career as a Software Engineer part of WalletHub’s top ten list of entry-level jobs in 2017, but it also has immediate job opportunities available, and the potential to earn you a lot of money. The best part is that the industry is expected to continue growing at an amazing rate, meaning that job security is guaranteed if you have a passion for it.


These are just a few of the options available for college students and recent graduates in 2017. Hopefully, you’ve found something that helped you, if not, keep looking. The internet is full of amazing resources that will assist you in getting hired, from how to craft the best possible resume, to how to prepare for your first job interview. The most important thing is to do your research and put yourself out there.


Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University. Nowadays she is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. Follow her @melissaaburns or contact at

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