8 Summer Job Opportunities for Students


When it comes to young people who want to work and start tasting the flavor of a new independent life, there is a common problem: students generally don’t have experience or qualifications, but most jobs posted require experienced applicants, or people with high qualifications – so what can students do?

The search can become a little bit exhausting. If you identify yourself with this situation, we bring you some ideas to help you land a job this summer.

  1. As an English Teacher or as a Teacher’s Assistant abroad. This job is really fun, because could potentially be traveling around the globe. Keep in mind, sometimes some teaching experience or special certifications are required. Usually though, there are vacancies to work in Summer Schools and to start in June-July. These jobs also offer you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, between teachers, students and the rest of the staff. Check ESL Jobs Lounge if you want to find a summer job teaching English.
  2. As museum docent. The job is great for students of Arts, History, Science or any topic related to museums and expositions. The tourists travel much more during summer because the warm weather attracts them, and museums are a must in many important cities. For sure, you’ll find vacancies in this area, because the main skill that you’ll need is your knowledge.
  3. As a server in restaurants. Who does not go to a restaurant during summer vacations? Every tourist wants to taste the food of the city they are visiting. To work as a server, you don’t need experience at all; you just need to be careful because we don’t want broken glasses or spills! Plus, people give good tips if you are nice and helpful. If it’s good enough for Obama’s daughter, it’s good enough for you too.
  4. As a retail seller in a supermarket. This type of job won’t ask for experience either. You can do the inventory, organize shelves, do product demonstrations or work as a cashier. The options are varied.
  5. At hotels. Hotels are visited a lot during summer vacations. And for sure, they might need to increase the staff during these days. You can apply to be a receptionist, porter or even a cook. If you’re bilingual, your skills will be appreciated.
  6. As a nanny. Because, what happens to those kids whose parents have to work in the summer? They need a nanny, and this job does not need experience either. Plus, you are working with kids, and even when some kids can mean trouble, most of them are fun to work with.
  7. As a volunteer or in an Internship. These activities usually aren’t paid, but you will get something even more important for the future: experience. Internships or volunteer activities will be an asset that you can use if you want to have a better job next summer, and the rest of the summers of your life, even after you graduate!
  8. As an entrepreneur. If at the end of the journey, you don’t like the idea of working for someone else, you can start your own business! This will be something like working as a nanny or mowing lawns in your neighborhood, because you can make your own schedule and choose whatever you want to do, depending on your better skills.

Summer is a special time of the year, full of cool and happy moments. There are lots of things you can do, and there are a lot of experiences waiting for you. Go ahead and earn some money while you have fun!

Ethan Dunwill is a business consultant and contributing blogger for several websites, who currently works as a freelncer. He believes that education is the most important part of any developed society and always eager to share his experience. You can talk to Ethan via Twitter.


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