8 Writing Tools For College Students

Guest Blogger:Phillip Garret

Students now have a wide variety of writing tools they can use to write and publish their works. Thanks to some of the world’s top web publishing companies like Google and the like, being a student has never been easier. Some of these online writing tools are paid whereas most of them are offered free to students to make their writing work easy. It also important to note that, some of these tools can be downloaded while others can only be used online.

Online writing tools also have tremendous benefits for the students. Some of them allow students to collaborate on writing projects and this is invaluable to the quality of work that comes out of it. This interactivity in the writing process is one of the biggest motivators for these tools. This article looks at 8 online writing tools for students.

Plagiarism checker PlagTracker.com

This tool is crucial to a students’ writing prowess as it helps them become authentic writers by keeping their works original. The effectiveness of Plagtracker lies in the fact that its database across a wide variety of content online makes sure that student term papers and other assignments pass the plagiarism test by their teachers and professors.

Google Documents

Google Docs as it’s popularly known is one of the most popular web-based, word processors students can use for their writing. It’s produced by Google and among its functions includes spreadsheets support, presentations and forms from Google.

Students can thus use Google Docs as a tool for their different writing functions like creating and sharing word documents, preparing presentations, storing projects they are working on, etc.


This is not an average writing tool as it’s a resource for students to get online writing tools. It’s a perfect match for grades k-12 and has many tools for students; most of them interactive. There are templates for different writing tasks, comic creators, and so much more.

3D writer

This is an older replica for Microsoft word and students can use this tool to write and compose. It’s available for PC only but the way its text is created, allows students to add notations in their work, increasing its credibility and authenticity. The tool also comes with ability to upload work in programs like Dreamweaver which are crucial for students.

Button talk

This is similar to the 3D writer, but for the Mac computers. This tool is crucial for story composition and especially good in the composition of fiction stories. The interactivity offered on this platform is top notch and one doesn’t necessarily have to have the Mac to enjoy its hyperlink benefits.

Poetry Forge

Poetry is not one of the most amusing subjects for most students as most of them literally struggle to understand it, let alone compose it. Poetry Forge is one of the best tools students can use to learn to write poetry. Moreover, this tool has the ability to help students add lines to poetry, which is an ability that is truly refreshing, insightful and direct.


Word counter

This tool is crucial as it helps students know how many times certain words have been used in a document. This tool can help students discover if they have overused words in the text like constant use of passive voice which makes the use of language sticky and hard to read.

Citation MachineCiting sources is one of the most important parts of the writing process. This tool enables students cite their work properly, using the best practices and methods. The tool also helps students determine where the sources are for certain information and the method to use to cite.

Phillip Garret writes tech tips for students.

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  1. It would have been great if I head these tools when I went to college. Especially the Plagiarism Checker would have helped a lot!

    I have checked it and saw they offer services in widely spoken languages like English, German and French, but also in Romanian which I have found very interesting… Don’t reckon a lot of people in the US speak/study Romanian.

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