9 Smart Ways for Saving Money In College Life


Every parent pay a lot to give good education to their children, even though they struggle for it. If the students are smart enough, they can start practicing to save money even from their student life. We all need money to live a peaceful life and fulfill our dreams. But saving money isn’t an easy task at all. Especially for college going students, they generally merely have the patience for saving their money. But there are some simple ways which can help a college student to save his money. If you are a college going student, here we go for 9 special ways to save money when you are in college.

Use Your Credit Card Wisely

Most of the people always give advice for not using credit card for saving money. They talk about its dangers, the risk of getting into debt, and the potential for paying hundreds of dollars in interest and fees. But the whole truth is that it depends on how to use your credit card. You can save enough by applying some methods. If you’re currently carrying a balance on a credit card with a huge interest rate, you can save hundreds of dollars by transferring that balance to a credit card with a lower interest. You can take advantage of 0% APR balance transfer offer which will save you even more money as you can avoid paying interest for up to 21 months depending on the credit card you choose. Paying for everything with a cash back credit card can be helpful for you to save your money. Cash back credit cards let you accumulate cash rewards on your credit card. You can also apply for a credit card with a sign up bonus. There are many credit cards which sign up bonuses on the market. So choose your credit card wisely and most importantly test credit card number before using.

Zero out Your Unspent Money

Zero out your unspent money every evening. It’s a really effective process for your savings. Just decide to zero out to one zero. For example, suppose you have 545 bucks cash and 2548 bucks in your bank account. Subtract the last digit from each number to get a zero at the end. It is easier to zero out your cash in a small piggy bank or a jar. Or you can create a savings account or any other bank account to trash out money from your card. You may also zero out for more zeroes. For example, you have 532 bucks in cash. You can subtract the 32 bucks from your cash and put them to your savings account.

Break Your Habits

In college life, people merely have thoughts of tomorrow. Spending too much on unnecessary stuffs becomes a habit. For saving money in college life, you must change your bad habits. You may have habits of spending too much on foods, clothes and other commodities. This habits won’t help you economically and in the long run, you’ll suffer for lack of money. There is a saying that you cannot change your fate, but if you change your habits, your habits can change your fate.  So break your bad habits as soon as possible.

Use Student Discount

Student discount is a good way for saving in college life. Always carry your student ID card with you. You can check the coupons and use your student ID for getting discounts. Getting discounts isn’t bad at all. You can use the discounts for having others things later or simply save the money for further use. Student ID can be helpful for having discounts in so many places. It can be vehicles, restaurants, parks or museums as well.

Reusing Old Stuff

Buying new things is not always necessary. Reusing old stuffs or redecorating old things for using can save a lot of money. Don’t get excuse to buy new things when you already have old things.

Don’t Buy All Textbooks

You always don’t need to buy all the textbooks for your study. You can buy old books from bookstores or from your college seniors. There is another way for saving money. You can sell off the old textbooks and buy new ones with them. Or you can download your textbooks from different sites and save your money.

Have Patience

Be patient before buying something expensive. Wait for two or three days and ask yourself if you really want that or not. If you are planning to buy something expensive for you and saving money for that, you can put it on your phone’s lock screen. That will constantly remind you about that & make you rethink about spending money unnecessarily.

Save Unspent Money

Move any unspent money to you savings account. This will definitely increase your savings. Suppose at the end of the month you have 30 bucks in cash and 200 bucks in bank account. Just move it to you savings account. Besides, you should budget your pocket money. You know how much money you have every morning and how much you need to spend in the whole day. Just make a simple calculation for spending your money. This will really help you for saving money.

Write Down All Spending

Write down your each and every daily spending. It will help in maintaining your day to day costs. Then you will realize how much are you spending in a month and how much you should save for further use. You can also check all of your spending. At the end of the month by your writings and then you’ll realize how much extra amount you are spending.

There are some several ways for saving money as well in college life. You should always split bills with your friends or companions. Going places which are free is a good idea for saving money.  Besides, if you need something for your household activities, you can simply DIY it by watching tutorials. Same way can be applied for giving presents to your friends and family members. Self-made gifts require efforts but don’t cost much to make. So these are the ideas you can apply for saving money in college life. So what are you waiting for? Apply them in your life and save a lot.

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