Why Not to Accept Your First Job Offer


After a series of years completing assignments, trying your hand at internships, and taking unnecessary classes that your curriculum wanted to include anyway, you have finally graduated. For those who graduated with a college degree, you may see quite a few prospective job offers. Perhaps you even have an idea of the job that you want. The rush to find a job is understandable. After all, those student loans are lurking just behind you. However, it may not be a good idea to accept the first job that is offered. This article will discuss a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t accept the first job offer that comes your way.


  1. Lower Pay

 Many companies typically look for newly graduated young folk because they know how desperate they are to land a job in order to add in security to their lives. Through their desperation, they give up a lot of their power and wind up settling for less of an income than they likely deserve. For many, you may find yourselves working in an entry-level position that practically anyone could do. The pay isn’t worth it, and you’re far overqualified for the position. Yet, it’s a job, right? Sure, it’s a job. Yes, you’re receiving money, but it isn’t the amount of money that you could be making. Didn’t you attend college so you could make more money than the average person who didn’t attend college? Waiting and looking around might serve you better in landing a position with a company who will pay you what you deserve to be paid.


  1. Lack Of Benefits

 Another aspect of a quick and desperate hire is the sacrifice of benefits. Many college-aged folks these days are actually more interested in benefits that a company provides rather than their pay. This is largely due to an experience where families struggled to pay healthcare costs because of a lack of insurance. They’re also looking for promises of secure retirement pension plans, so they don’t have to work until the day they die. Companies who first approach you may not have the benefits that you need or want. It’s okay to decline their offer and search for a company that has the benefits you’re looking for.


  1. Underutilized

 For some graduates, it isn’t uncommon to feel underutilized at their first job. This can leave you feeling dissatisfied at work and without much of a purpose. Again, you’re just going through the motions instead of enjoying your job. Instead, you may want to consider waiting for talent acquisition to find you. What is talent acquisition? This is the process by which companies search for skilled individuals that they need for a specific role in their company. If you place your resume, list out your skills and experience on a talent acquisition website, you can have the companies vying for you instead of you searching for the company. At this point, you can simply filter through to see which provides the best pay, benefits, and overall works better for you.


  1. Travel

 If you’ve been stuck in the same corner of the world for most of your life, it may be beneficial to travel elsewhere. Whether as a vacation or moving away, taking the time to travel can help you learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. By understanding your focus and perhaps learning a few things during your travels, you’ll be able to find the company that is more attune with what you’re looking for. There will always be jobs available. An experience of self-discovery is a little more difficult to come by.

Finding a job after graduation is important. However, it isn’t the end of the world if you pass on the first offer that comes to you. Take the time to explore.

Byline:  Brett Clawson is a writer and entrepreneur with a degree in Business Management. He enjoys researching emerging business trends and sharing their impact on business and the industry as a whole. He believes that the best way to influence others and share his knowledge with the world is through his writing.


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