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7 Things I wish I knew As a College Freshman: Guest Blogger Debra Johnson

Your college years are the best years of your life; it’s a time of change and being in control of your life; you meet new people and experience new things. Ask any post grad and there are a few things they wish they knew to make their college life a little simpler. You get the lectures from school counselors, freshman orientation and from your parents but there are 7 things that no one really tells you that you should be aware of when you start college, so take note:

  1. 1.      Get Active:There are plenty of organizations on campus that you may be interested that cover anything and everything from knitting to water polo or religion and pottery. There are also course major specific clubs like marketing and economics clubs, these will help you stay focused in school, introduce you to new people, network and build your resume.
  2. 2.      Cab it:Partying and drinking alcohol is ultimately your decision to make, so if you choose to attend a party, don’t be afraid to call for a DD or take a cab. Police officers in college areas literally go out looking for students that may be under the influence. Don’t risk hurting yourself or someone else and just call a cab. Some school organization offer free rides to students to prevent drunk driving. Call them!
  3. 3.      Watch for trickery:College freshmen are fresh meat for scams. Door to door salesmen as well as credit card companies tend to hang around college towns when school starts to target naïve college students. Call your parent before you sign a dotted line or hand over a credit card.
  4. 4.      Meet your professor:Your first day of class will be overwhelming but as soon as it ends, head to the front of the class and introduce yourself. You want to make sure that your professor knows your name, make an effort to stop by their office hours to discuss the class or questions you have. These conversations don’t have to be long, just get in there and make yourself known. Knowing your professor can come in handy later in the semester if you have difficulty or need extra help.
  5. 5.      Major change:The chances of you changing your major once, twice or even three times is normal! Don’t stress over your major your first year. Your first year is meant for you to explore and figure out what career path is best for you.
  6. 6.      Freshman 15: It’s true. The dreaded Freshman 15 is real and can get you when you least expect it. To keep from letting your health slip and gaining the extra pounds, limit your late night fast food runs and work out. Staying healthy will help you with school stress and give you the energy to do well.
  7. 7.      Money: Avoid student loans and credit cards. You WILL regret it after college when you are ready to start a new job and enjoy life. Learn how to budget by asking for help from your parents or seeking help on campus.

About the Author This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of live in nanny. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: – jdebra84 @

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  1. Very good tips! I would add to the Money part to try and get some part time job, there are many possibilities for students and even if you would not make millions out of it, you will not be forced into debts…

  2. Useful tips indeed. I would add that most professors are just waiting for students to come to their office hours, with questions that show that the students tried in earnest to learn and do their assignments. Ask specific questions, don’t say just “I don’t understand anything from your course.”

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