Advice For Students How To Complete College

Scott Swail at Educational Policy Institute provides this sage advice :

  • They attended classes. It seems simple; seems obvious, but students who miss class increase their odds of dropping out by 250 percent. Go to class. Make good use of your time. Listen. Engage. Talk to fellow students. Talk to the instructors. Talk to the RAs. Engage.
  • They studied at least 20 hours a week. You are a full-time student taking five courses this fall. You should probably plan on studying about 4-5 hours for each of these courses per week, knowing that sometimes it will have to be more, and sometimes you can afford less. But you need to study. Students who don’t study, and don’t study enough, drop out of UVB. You need to study, and study hard. Your job is to be a student, and successful students study.
  • They used our tutoring services. During our orientation, you were introduced to the math and writing tutoring center located in the Student Union Building. The center is staffed by juniors and seniors as well as full-time professions whose job it is to help you and others with academic challenges. College is tough. We all need help at some time from some one. Sometimes a lot of help. We plan on that and have provided that support for you and other UVB students. Use it. It’s free and we work with your schedule. I want to schedule an appointment now for a diagnostic of your skills. We’ll do that later, okay?
  • They used our academic support center. In addition to our tutoring services, our academic support center provides other important skill development opportunities, including time management and study skills. To succeed here at ABC, you need to know how to make the most of your time. You need to learn how to study so that you increase your efficiency in reading, writing, and comprehending your assignments and tasks. Our successful students are organized. They keep logs and calendars for not only their classes, but for their “studies.”
  • Make friends. Our successful students made friends with other students. They would hang out with them, study with them, and yes, even party with them. They joined clubs, volunteered, and played in intramural sports and academic challenge groups. They had fun as a UVB student and they ended up being more satisfied and happier with their experience here than other students. We want that for you. As you can see on our webpage, we provide numerous opportunities to connect you with other people on campus. Reach out and try. And, if you want, we can help you make the connections. This is a fun place and the people are great. Get to know them. They may end up being your best friends for life.
  • They studied when they weren’t on campus. When our successful students went home on break or for the summer, they kept their head in the game. They read a related book. They worked ahead on a paper due the following semester. They had fun, they relaxed, they hit the beach or the slopes, but they kept on track and didn’t kill too many brain cells.
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    1. Good advices for students. As the 1st step, you should attend classes.. how could you learn if you won’t go to class, how would you enjoy if you don’t go to class. Another is the 3rd step tutor services. sometimes after class tutoring is a help unless you’re really used on self study, tutoring is like disciplining yourself. and make friends, that’s really true… when you enjoy with your friends even going to class is not boring because you want to see them bond with them. Good advice to tell to the next generation.

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    2. I think this list gives students a pretty good idea of how to make the most of college. The only thing I will add is that students should stay engaged on campus by participating in extracurricular activities, studying abroad, campus jobs, and internships. This is important because these activities will give you a way to add some layers to resume and help build an application for graduate school.

    3. Wouldn’t it be a shorter course to teach students what a “work-ethic” is and explain that someday, if they ever make it out of academia, they’re going to need to earn their keep?

      Otherwise, they should just start saving up money for a good Bankruptcy Attorney now.

      Every piece of advice you give should be things that are already in practice, otherwise, the person really has no reason to be in college. Drifting aimlessly through a public education is one thing but it’s a completely different story when you’re going into debt and not benefitting from it.

    4. I went back to university as an adult student. One of the things I did that helped me successfully get through was that I asked lots of questions. It seemed strange to me that younger students (early 20s) seemed reluctant to ask questions of professors, tutors as they ddidn’t want to appear stupid in front of their peers. The flip side of this is that they end up missing out on lots of extra information – which is stupid just to save face. I asked questions lots of them

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