Are For-Profit Colleges Reforming Themselves?

  The September 11 issue of the Economist highlights self imposed reforms by for-profit colleges like Phoenix and Kaplan. Some of these changes are:

  -Hiring there own mystery shoppers to test their sales practices to prospective students.

-Disconnecting recruiters pay from the number of students recruited

-Create a three week orientation during which students can quit without charge

Offering a full refund if students drop out during their first term

 Calling for new federal and state regulations to apply to the non profit colleges.

  I wonder how wide spread these policies will become throughout the industry.

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  1. remember — this is how healthcare reform happened the first time…the industry was scared of what the clinton administration would do that it reformed itself…hopefully this will happen with the FP education sector as they are needed — but the programs must be quality and accredited.

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