College Placement Tests Place Too Many Students In Remedial Courses

Today, many students who apply to a community college to earn their associate’s degree must first take a placement test. This exam is designed to gauge how college ready students are and whether they must take remedial courses. However, as some individuals simply lack adequate test-taking skills, various colleges and organizations feel too many students are being placed into remedial courses they do not need based solely on poor placement test scores. The article is in U.S. News University Connection.

Source: Carnegie Foundation

2 comments on “College Placement Tests Place Too Many Students In Remedial Courses”

  1. If they lack test-taking skills then it means that in high school they did not take enough tests. It is unthinkable that a high school graduate lacks test-taking skills!

  2. I think the students must be better prepared by training specifically for placement tests, you cannot expect someone to just know how to pass one of these if he has no specific experience. The approach of the California’s Long Beach City College mentioned in the article is a good alternative: Considering the grades and not the placement test scores. I think the grades give a better picture and should at least be taken into consideration here.

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