Complete College America Reports progress in 39 States

Most Governors Are Committed to Bold Action on Completion. in CCA Alliance of States 39 Accept the Innovation Challenge
The numbers speak for themselves.

Over half of our nation’s governors have pledged to fulfill the bold commitments required of Complete College America’s Alliance of States.

Governors in thirty-eight states have accepted the Completion Innovation Challenge, signaling their intention to compete for CCA grants to support sweeping, high-impact reforms essential to boost completion.  (DC is in, too!)

We’ve always believed that Governors get it: for more good-paying jobs, stronger state economies and brighter futures, states must have more college graduates.

And now, there’s proof.

The White House just called for bold action by states.  Complete College America is pleased to report:

the Governors are committed.

We invite you to read a full copy of today’s announcement here.  As always, we welcome your support of this vital effort.

To learn more about the Alliance of States, go here.  For the Innovation Challenge, go here.

One comment on “Complete College America Reports progress in 39 States”

  1. I’d like to hear what the governors who opted not to take the challenge have to say.
    In a country like this ALL 50 states, plus DC, should strive for better education – across the board.

    More than half is better than less but with the state we’re in as a country it would be nice to see many more taking that “bold” commitment seriously. Honestly education is one of the only ways we’ll retain our status as a world leader.

    If only a little over half of our governors agree with that I’d like to be educated on what is more important.

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