Education Commision Of The States Provides State Policy Guidance To Lower College Remediation

ECS has been working on the remdiation issue for several years, and now has a report that reflects this cumulative effort. A policy framework challenges states to look more carefully at meeting the needs of remedial education students. This framework is very inclusive and can be applied by state policy makers now.

The framework argues for making remedial education a key component of state strategies to increase college attainment. It challenges states to look more carefully at the data they collect, funds they appropriate, ways they assess and place students, instructional models they utilize and the accountability mechanisms they rely on to meet the needs of remedial education students.

The paper argues that we must look beyond the current view that remedial education is a symptom of our collective failures to prepare students for higher education. With approximately 42 million adults between the ages of 18 and 64 in our nation who do not have a college degree and are lacking college-ready skills, it is time to treat remedial education as an important and necessary solution to our nation’s goal to have the highest college attainment rates in the world by 2025

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