Students Are Bored In High School Classes

The national survey of high school student engagement -HSSE- goes beyond the usual measures of student attendance and discipline. It measures students reactions to their teachers and class content. The latest survey of high school students (HSSSE) results show a familiar theme: bored, disconnected students want more from schools. Two thirds of the students are bored every day in a high school class. Eighty one percent say the material is not interesting and 42% say it is not relevant. The overall picture is discouraging for strong college preparation.

3 comments on “Students Are Bored In High School Classes”

  1. this factor shows that there is something wrong about teachers or curriculum..maybe the teachers are not that effective or the topic is not that interested..we should create a student friendly environment in school

  2. I know I was bored throughout all of high school. It’s no wonder my grades went up so high when I went on to college.

  3. Perhaps it is that High schools are not up-to-date with the trends going on among students. Technology is certainly one of these. Every student is equipped with smartphone, tablet gadget, etc, etc, but are the schools up-to-date on this technologies to make the school experience more relevant?

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