Federal Report Has Evidence Of Damaging For Profit Practices

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Here’s why Senator Harkin’s report on the for-profit higher education industry is so important: It puts thousands of pages of internal company documents into the permanent record, providing crucial evidence that fraud and abuse have run rampant throughout the sector.

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One comment on “Federal Report Has Evidence Of Damaging For Profit Practices”

  1. I worked as a high school counselor and saw first hand some of the predatory tactics used by some of the for profit “universities” in my area. Too often these sales people were targeting mid to low income families who were sending someone to college for the first time. Sales reps (they called themselves admission officers, but were no more than salesmen) would sit in a family’s living room and give the hard sell until a contract was signed. I’m sure there are some institutions offering a valuable service at a fair price, but I am glad to see further investigation into the damaging practices at some for profit institutions.

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