For-Profit Colleges Experience Major Enrollment Drop


 The Chronicle of Higher Education has a balanced  analysis of the enrollment decline in for profit colleges. Some of the numbers are jaw dropping- over 40% for Kaplan and Phoenix. Is this a sea change or temprary phenomena? My hunch is that it is temporary because there are large cuts in public postsecondary spaces. Hundreds of thousands have been cut in California alone. See the link below for the story.

2 comments on “For-Profit Colleges Experience Major Enrollment Drop”

  1. I guess I should start selling my APOL stock! Thanks for sharing this higher education news, and for giving your interpretation of this activity. The article you referenced states that because of pressure from state and federal lawmakers for profit colleges have had to curb the zeal with which they recruit. It sounds like you think the cuts in the public space will compensate for this though. Thanks for the insight.

  2. If you look at a calendar and take note of when the enrolements are schools like Phoenix, it’s pretty clear what’s happening: the first few classes of graduates have failed miserably in terms of getting meaningful work out of their degrees and thus others are learning from their mistake.

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