For Profit Colleges Have Highest 2 Year College Graduation Rate

May 26th, 2011

Here is a statement from Jack Buckley , the USA Commissioner Of Education Statistics:

“For-profit private schools have had the fastest growth in awarding degrees at all education levels, from associate to master’s degrees. Yet when it comes to student graduation rates, “an interesting split” emerges, according to Mr. Buckley. For four-year degree programs, private nonprofit colleges have the highest graduation rate—65 percent, compared to 55 percent for public colleges and only 22 percent for for-profit private schools.

Yet when it comes to two-year programs, the situation is reversed: For-profit colleges graduate 58 percent of students in two-year degree programs, well above the 48 percent at nonprofit private colleges and 21 percent at public colleges.

“Most people would guess the first part, but not the second,” Mr. Buckley said.


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  1. James Uhlenkamp says:

    This is all very interesting, but these statistics likely ignore the fact that many students attend a public two year college with the intention of “trying out” college and then transferring to a four year school if things go well. The student’s goal is not to graduate from the community college, so their graduation rates are naturally lower, and beyond their control.

    How many of the for-profits’ students enter with the intention of transferring? If we control for the students intentions at the public and the private two year schools, do the statistics differ? Tell us more about how you derived these numbers, please.

  2. Judith says:

    I cannot believe that its only 22% for private schools do you have a link to where this stat came from?

  3. Michael W. Kirst says:

    Check the website of the National Center For Education Statistics

  4. This stat certainly is interesting, you would of thought the higher ‘class’ students paying to study would naturally move on to higher education. I wonder what the reasons are?

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