Good and Bad News On College Transition

  First, the good news: ACT scores were flat this year compared to last year, but this obscures the fact that 5 states have all their grade 11 students take the test. So usually this kind of expanded base would lower test scores. Moreover, the percent of students who have taken a college prep recommended curriculum continues to go up.

 Now the bad news : the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education in Measuring Up reports that between 1982 and 2006 college tuition and fees increased by 439%. College costs have risen faster than income, inflation, and health care. In 1996 need based student aid grants made up 84% of total grants, but by 2007 this had dropped to 72%.

4 comments on “Good and Bad News On College Transition”

  1. this was 2 years ago but the bad news that was here is still getting worse. Tuition fee increase is already a ritual. Sometimes we are not anymore surprise whenever a tuition fee increase is announced but how to deal with it gets harder and harder, because salary does not increase parallel to the increase expenses in education.

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