How To Build Your College Website:Best Tools And Resources

By Jane Hurst

If you are a teacher or a student who wants to create their own website, you have several resources available to you. For starters, if you are already set up on Google, you can use Google Sites to create your website. Or, you can choose from one of the following website building tools.

  • Weebly – This is an easy website building tool to use, and one of the best things about it is that it is absolutely free to use. It offers plenty of features, so you can create interesting websites that are going to get noticed.
  • Weebly for Education – Another option is to use Weebly for Education. This website builder has all of the same features as Weebly, as well as features that are made just for those involved in education. It offers the bulk creation of accounts for students, and teachers can manage and moderate these accounts. Students can easily build their own websites and blogs, and you can control the content because you have created the accounts in the first place. Check here to learn more about Weebly for Education.
  • Jimdo – When you use this tool, you will have a great selection of templates, layouts, backgrounds, and editing options. You can change the template at any time if you want something new, and you can even customize the templates so your website is completely unique to you. Create a blog, and even enjoy email management with Jimdo.
  • School Rack – This is a free service that teachers can use to create their own websites for their classrooms. This is different than most website builders, because it is not directed towards the masses, but just for teachers and their students. You can use your website to post assignments using an integrated feature so you don’t have to create a separate assignment page. Students and parents can also have free accounts, so they can contact the teachers when they need to.
  • Webs – This is a popular website builder that is free to use, and you can include video and audio content. It also allows you to create calendars and polls, and there are loads of other third-party widgets. You can choose from a huge selection of templates and page layouts, so you can create a website that is truly unique to you. This is a basic builder, so if you are looking for something that is a bit more advanced, this may not be the tool for you.
  • Web Node – If you are looking for a website builder that is super-easy to use, look no further than Web Node. In fact, this is a great tool for first-time website builders. You can drag and drop, and change the look of your website at any time. This is a great tool for students, as they can present and share their assignments. One of the biggest benefits is that there is no annoying advertising placed on your website.
  • Snap Pages – You have the option to use the free service, or pay for the premium service to create your website. There are loads of features on the free service to get you started, and you can set up and maintain a class website. Some of the features include editing and customizing tools, as well as an image resizing tool.
  • Yola – Here is another free website builder that you can use as much as you like, and add as much content as you wish without having to pay for any extra services. If you are planning on posting a lot of content with audio and video, this is a great website builder to use. You will even find forums and tutorials to help get you started.


Jane Hurst has been working in education for over 5 years as a teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge with students, is fascinated about edtech and loves reading, a lot.

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  1. Students can also create websites using WordPress for free. But the link will be a subdomain – for example . I have tested Weebly – it is very flexible and the templates are nice.

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