New Report Says Online Courses Are Cost Effective

Students learn just as much in a course that’s taught partly online as they would in a traditional classroom, but such courses won’t reach their potential until they are both easier for faculty members to customize and more fun for students, according to a new report.  One of the authors is a former Princeton President and head of the Mellon Foundation.

6 comments on “New Report Says Online Courses Are Cost Effective”

  1. The research has shown that online education and traditional form of education have the same outcomes. And it’s very good to know because I was confused about the effectiveness of online courses. Thanks Thomas I. Nygren for the work.

  2. Does research show how effective online education is for students who take remedial classes? Also did the research differentiate between community online education versus the traditional four year college?

  3. I think the best piece of information comes in the last paragraph of the report which is, being able to reduce instructor compensation. Although there are many contributing factors, the rate of increase for wh college tuition is striking; and maybe this could be one way of reducing costs.

  4. That’s right, you can’t leave the fun out of studying online. Let’s hope that this report will have an effect and lead the people involved to consider the key arguments.

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