Parents Make Tough Decisions To Pay For College

Middle age is prime time for saving money. From your late 40s through early 60s, you’re supposed to squirrel away cash to cope with health care costs in your old age. But for millions of Americans, middle age also is the time when children are seeking help with higher-education bills, and elderly parents may be needing assistance with daily care. Scott and Kelley Hawkins, both 46, are in that middle position. As they brace for paying rising college expenses for two daughters in school at once, they know they will have many tough financial decisions to make. “A lot of extra stuff we used to have money for, we don’t have the money for” now that the hefty-tuition years are looming, Scott Hawkins said. The article is from NPR’s Family Matters series.

Source:Carnegie Foundation

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  1. In the UK we were more fortunate in that higher education was payed for by the state. Now Parents here have to consider saving for their children’s university (college) tuition fees as well.

    This has been pushed through with the government austerity measures, but in the tough economical climate, this is an extra financial burden parents can do without.

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