Pre- College Outreach That Work

WASHINGTON, DC —April 12, 2012 — The Educational Policy Institute, with special support from TG, released the second of two new reports today on student success. A Blueprint for Success: Case Studies of Successful Pre-College Outreach Programs, provides an indepth look at how 10 programs from around the United States became and remain successful in helping youth prepare and go to college.

The case studies evolved from the companion volume, 2012 National Directory of Pre-College Programs, also funded by TG. Based on analysis of the national survey of 374 programs in support of this project, the 10 programs were selected using a filtering process. The programs include:

Bottom Line, Boston, MA
Breakthrough Saint Paul, St. Paul, MN
Bridges to a Brighter Future, Greenville, SC
College Bound St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
The Boys Hope Girls Hope – The College Road, Bridgeton, MO
College Track, Oakland, CA
Education is Freedom, Dallas, TX
Foundation for a College Education, East Palo Alto, CA
Hispanic Youth Institute, Washington, DC
The Partners Program, Oakland, CA

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  1. I examined the case study.
    Thanks for the great help. In the Netherlands, I’m writing my thesis about the development of college programs. This will help my with my results.

    Best Regards,

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