Seven Student Risk Factors For Not Completing College

  Other than age,race , and income here are 7 research based risk factors for failure to complete college after enrolling:  being financially independent,having dependents,being a single parent,attending part time,working full time, stopping  out, and withdrawing from courses. These risk factors are additive, and colleges should track students like these , and intervene intensively once any signs appear that students are struggling. However, many colleges do not have the student services to intervene, or have no policy of integrated case management across their student services units.

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  1. I would not disagree with these seven risk factors. However, I think it is logical to ask about the specifics of the research that these assessments. I know that Tinto has provided a somewhat historical perspective on the phenomenon of attrition, while Bean has offered a bit more contemporary “take” on this issue. These factors are a bit more in line with Bean.

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