Students Struggle To Pay For Textbooks


As the cost of textbooks continues to rise, many college students are choosing to skimp on textbooks to save money. Seven out of 10 undergraduates surveyed at 13 college campuses said they had not purchased one or more textbooks because the cost was too high, according to a new survey released Thursday by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. The Government Accountability Office has estimated that textbooks cost a quarter the average tuition for state universities and three-fourths the average tuition at community colleges. The article is in The Huffington Post via the Carnegie Foundation.

3 comments on “Students Struggle To Pay For Textbooks”

  1. I agree with Peru! And your kids won’t even have to lug backpacks full of heavy textbooks home from school. I think software and technology present a lot of advantages for students of higher education.

  2. Complete and utter nonsense. And a way for universities to deflect the total cost of an education onto “greedy” textbook publishers.

    Colleges and universities have no problem getting 18 year olds to sign a loan document that’s larger than a home mortgage that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, enslaving students for 20 to 30 years. Then when students are asked to fork over $1k/year for textbooks (which can sometimes be sold back, mitigating costs), everyone is in an uproar.

    It’s called perceptual contrast, people!

    For 40 years, college textbooks have hovered around 4% to 6% of the total cost of an education. If you don’t believe me check out the costs here:

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