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A New Perspective on College Costs


Cheap for Whom? How Much Higher Education Costs Taxpayers

By Mark Schneider and Jorge Klor de Alva


• Tuition at both public and private for-profit and not-for-profit US higher education institutions is increasing, but taxpayers are also bearing significant hidden costs.

• Average taxpayers provide more in subsidies to elite public and private schools than to the less competitive schools where their own children are likely being educated.

• High dropout and low graduation rates drive up taxpayer costs, so degree completion and retention should be a focus of US higher education reform and state and federal policy discussions.

• Business as usual in higher education is too expensive. We need new modes of delivery for higher education to reduce taxpayer costs and rein in tuit


Public Has Conflicting Views On College Costs


Is College Worth It?
By Paul Taylor et al., Pew Research Center
The report, called “ Is College Worth It?” and issued by the nonprofit Washington-based Pew Research Center, said that three-quarters of American adults say college is too expensive for most Americans to afford, and 57 percent said the higher education system does not provide students good value for the cost. Still, 86 percent of college graduates agreed that attending college had proven to be a good personal investment.