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Large State Cuts Help Cause Tuition Increases

Despite some recent tuition freezes, public universities continue to suffer from significant spending cuts by their own states. The cuts are seen as the primary driver of tuition inflation. Between 2007 and 2012, 15 states experienced declines in higher-education funding of nearly 30% or more, according to a SHEEO report. Since the recession, 48 states have cut appropriations while just two have increased funding. (USA Today, 09/03/13)

Big Tuition Increases Coming For New College Year

Coming this Fall: Big Tuition Hikes
At least half the states cut funding for higher education in their recently concluded legislative sessions. In most cases, higher tuition will be the inevitable result. Some of the most dramatic increases will come in the biggest states. The most dramatic example of collegiate sticker shock will likely come in Washington where the budget imposes a 24% cut in state funding. Tuition will go up 20% as a result. (Stateline.org, 07/13/11)