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College Readiness: How To Utilize The Common Core

, Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core: What Every Educator Needs to Know. by David Conley(University Of Oregon) is written for all educators (with a spotlight on those at the secondary level). This important resource shows teachers and school leaders alike how they can get students ready for college and careers, while simultaneously preparing them for the Common Core assessments. Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core is based on numerous research studies conducted by education expert David T. Conley and insights gained from his work with dozens of effective high schools. The book offers techniques and strategies for teaching the Common Core State Standards in ways that result in improved learning for all students.

Coming in October 2013, the book is available for pre-order today!

K-12 Common Core Curriculum Has Major Implications For Postsecondary Education

Here is my new paper , “The Common Core Meets State Policy:This Changes Almost Everything”. It includes the strong links between k-12 and college readiness in the 46 states implementing Common Core Curriculum. It stresses how California’s 3 systems of higher education work together with k-12 to integrate common core.


ACT Study Shows Most Students Cannot Meet Standards For College Success

Most students have far to go before they master the skills and knowledge outlined in the new common standards, concludes an ACT Inc. report. The study found that only one-third to one-half of 11th graders are proficient in the content and skills that the common core standards specify as necessary in math and English/language arts for access to good jobs or success in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses.  Forty states have now approved the common core standards, but implementation will be difficult.