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Community College Learning Communities Do Not Have Much Impact

Breaking New Ground: An Impact Study of Career-Focused Learning Communities at Kingsborough

By: Mary G. Visher and Jedediah Teres, with Phoebe Richman, Columbia University/Teachers College

This report presents findings from an evaluation of Kingsborough’s unique Career-Focused

Learning Communities program, the latest iteration in a series of learning community

models designed and implemented by the college. It consisted of two courses required

for a specific major and a third course called the “integrative seminar” that was

designed to reinforce the learning in the two other courses and to expose students

to information about careers in their selected major. No meaningful impacts on educational

outcomes were found for the full sample, but recent transfer students saw a modest

positive impact on credits earned during the program semester.

Learn more and download the report at: http://bit.ly/qizUxq