Tag: Faculty Power At Community Colleges

Do Community College Faculty Have Too Much Power? : A CA. Perspective

Guest Blogger: Robert Shireman, Complete College Calfornia

These  first two blogs detail how faculty and administrators are wasting precious time and energy arguing about decision-making processes rather than addressing student needs:

  • The parking-space stalemate at El Camino College. http://bit.ly/rshire1
  • The missing signature at Modesto Junior College http://bit.ly/rshire2

Our third blog exposes how an obsession with “faculty primacy” at the colleges is preventing collaboration between constituent groups and is harming students. Fixing this problem becomes more pressing every day as crises such as that at City College of San Francisco not only threaten the college’s ability to function but to exist.  And unfortunately, Chancellor Brice Harris missed an opportunity to help CCSF and all community colleges by choosing not to clarify the system’s tangled and broken decision-making structure