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Legacy And Connections Not As Important In College Admissions

With many top colleges receiving an unprecedented high number of applications, Eric Greenberg, Founder and President of the New York City-based Greenberg Educational Group, a college advisory, test prep and tutoring service, says that some of the “old rules” of college admissions have changed and it is important for aspiring college students to understand the “new reality” of the application process.

The perception that college applicants who are legacies, know a board member, or have the right business connections hold a “ticket” to that college is no longer a reality. The demand for prestigious colleges is so high, that it’s harder for students to leverage these connections compared to how it was done in previous decades.

“The new reality of college admissions is that market forces of supply and demand have made the ‘political’ spots harder to come by,” said Eric Greenberg. “Elite private schools are typically focusing more than before on the student’s application, passion for the school and if he/she is a reciprocal fit for the college.”

In addition to high grades and SAT/ACT scores, elite private colleges look more at the individual – his or her extracurricular activities, community service, summer activities and the essay, which more than ever, says Greenberg, is a crucial way for college admissions officers get to know the candidate’s character and personality.

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A New Era For College Admissions?



If you want to buy shares of stock, bid on antiques, search for a job, or look
for Mr. Right in 2011, you will likely go to a marketplace driven by the
electronic exchange of information. There will be quick, flexible transactions,
broad access to buyers and sellers, and powerful algorithms that efficiently
match supply and demand. If you are a student looking for a college or a
college looking for a student, by contrast, you’re stuck with an archaic,
over-complicated, under-managed system that still relies on things like bus
trips to airport convention centers and the physical transmission of pieces of
paper. That’s why under-matching is so pervasive. The higher education market
only works for students who have the resources to overcome its terrible
inefficiency. Everyone else is out of luck. Kevin Carey writes in Washington Monthly that
all that is about to change and everything we know about college admissions is
about to go out the window

Source:Gay Clyburn, Carnegie Foundation