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Another Critique Of Obama Higher Education Proposals

By Matt Miller, Wednesday, February 1

The Washington Post


You probably don’t think President Obama’s new college affordability initiative will leave students with more debt than they incur today. But you’d be wrong.


The president deserves credit for calling out soaring tuition and unsustainable student debt as huge barriers to upward mobility and a strong middle class. But unfortunately, the remedies he sketched in his State of the Union address and in a speech at the University of Michigan last week are textbook examples of proposals meant to signal the president’s “values” (and win votes) while doing little to address the problem.


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Obama’s Education Plans Meet Resistance

Despite some bold proposals , Congressional action will be requred. Nothing is likely to happen in an election year, and his concepts need to be carefully crafted to accomplish his objectives -see below where the link has much more depth on Obama higher education plan than news reports.

President Barack Obama called for an overhaul of the higher education financial aid system, warning that colleges and universities that fail to control spiraling tuition costs could lose federal funds. He also proposed a Race to the Top competition to encourage states to better use higher education dollars in exchange for $1 billion in prize dollars. The First in the World competition would encourage innovation to boost productivity on campuses. (Boston Globe, 01/27/12)