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Reports Worth Reading

Bringing Developmental Education to Scale: Lessons from the Developmental Education Initiative (MDRC)

The Community College Research Center recently released the following reports related to remedial education:
Contextualized College Transition Strategies for Adult Basic Skills Students: Learning from Washington State’s I-BEST Program Model

New Evidence of Success for Community College Remedial English Students: Tracking the Outcomes of Students in the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

Progress in the First Five Years: An Evaluation of Achieving the Dream in Washington State


Washington State Student Achievement Initiative Policy Study: Final Report

New Reports Worth Reading

Advancing to Completion (The Education Trust)

Cracking the Credit Hour (New America Foundation)

Student Debt and the Class of 2011 (The Institute for College Access and Success)

Transfer: An Indispensible Part of the Community College Mission (American Association of Community Colleges)

Using Student Learning as a Measure of Quality in Higher Education (HCM Strategists)

From ECS

Reports Worth Reading

Reports worth Reading
The ECS staff keeps an eye out for reports, studies, and articles that are relevant to your state policy work. Check out these recent reports related to remedial/developmental education. ECS also added the publications to its online resource library.

  • Development, Discouragement, or Diversion? New Evidence on the Effects of College Remediation (National Bureau of Economic Research)
  • Diagnostic Assessment: Challenges & Opportunities for the California Community Colleges (EdSource and Learning Works)

Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College (Jobs for the Future)

Reports Worth Reading

Recommended by ECS

  • Assessment      of Opportunities and Models for Adults to Complete the Baccalaureate  Degree at Virginia Four-Year Institutions (State Council of Higher  Education in Virginia; also see report summary and fact sheet)
  • Latino College Completion  in 50 States (Excelencia in Education)
  • A Stronger Nation  through Higher Education (Lumina Foundation)

College Reports Worth Reading From ECS




Census Bureau Reports on Educational Attainment (U.S. Census Bureau, February 2012)

Degreeless in Debt: What Happens to Borrowers Who Drop Out (Education Sector, February 2012)

Serving Students, Serving California: Updating the California Community Colleges to Meet Evolving Demands (Little Hoover Commission, February 2012)

Transfer and Mobility: A National View of Pre-Degree Student Movement in Postsecondary Institutions (National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, February 2012) This last one is especially interesting to me.