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Top 10 Start Ups To Improve Education

By Melissa Burns

There is no area of life that has not been affected by the Digital Revolution. The potential of growth for the educational technology is immense, and we have already seen noteworthy achievements that change students’ approach to learning, as well as educators’ teaching methods. In the continuation, we will list and briefly describe some of the most remarkable fresh educational startups that transformed many classrooms around the world.

1. Writinghouse

This tool is equally appreciated by students, tutors, teachers, and writers. Writinghouse automatically applies any type of referencing format, which immediately makes academic writing less time-consuming and less stressful. Students only need to choose the type of document and required style, complete a simple form, click “add” and download their properly-formatted document.

2. SmarterCookie 

There are many online tools that have been designed to provide more useful support for teachers, but SmarterCookie is one of the most popular ones. Educators can easily share feedback with other teachers by uploading time-stamped videos. Everything shared on this platform is private, and the users can choose who can provide feedback on their material.

3. TutorsClass

This online tutoring platform has revolutionized the concept of tutoring. At TutorClass, everyone can find a great tutor for their needs and learn in a convenient online environment. Tutors have a great opportunity to expand their reach and enhance their tutoring business.

4. Help.Plagtracker

This platform is useful for students, educators, content managers, bloggers, webmasters, and anyone else who needs to ensure their content is unique. Moreover, the company also provides writing consulting and professional editing assistance, which is more than necessary for both students and professors.

5. Learnist

Educators can use Learnist to search for useful educational content and share it on their Learning Boards. Students and teachers can share content from many sources, including Google Docs and YouTube. The design of the Learning Boards is very appealing, and the visual motivation inspires students to learn more.

6. Essay Tigers

This platform is not totally new but it has expanded its capacity recently.  It is dedicated to help students to deal with their papers, home assignments etc. If you need help of qualified professor or author be sure you can turn to this service. Also you can get obtain help of support if any questions arise.

 7. The partnership between Barnes & Noble, Microsoft and Pearson

When these three companies announced their partnership, it became clear that great things were to be expected. We haven’t yet seen the result of this collaboration, but knowing that the influence and potential of all three companies is remarkable, we can predict that the NOOK will become a much bigger part of the process of education.

8. Blackboard

 No matter how much students despise actual blackboards, all of them appreciate the online environment created on this platform. Blackboard is a widely-recognized tool, used by government organizations and many institutions for higher education. Students and educators can connect with their community and get involved in effective interaction.

9. Echo360

By using Echo360, educators can share their presentations before the actual class, so the students will come prepared for participating in active learning. Students can use the tool during class to manage their learning and interact with the group. The platform is also useful after classes, since students have access to effective study tools at any time.

10. 2USeveral universities have established a partnership with 2U with the aim to create, manage, and advertise their online degree programs. The main goal of this tool is to revolutionize the approach towards education by providing online learning experiences that don’t fall behind the on-campus quality and rigor.


Old-school educators may consider the Digital Revolution as something that distracts students and educators from real learning and teaching, but the truth is that modern educational technology has made the classroom more interesting and inspiring for both students and teachers. The online tools we listed above can greatly enhance the collaboration within the classroom, as well as with students and teachers from across the globe. We are yet to experience the peak of educational growth, and the fact that online tools are a big part of it is undeniable.

Melissa is a graduate student of the faculty of journalism. She is a passionate blogger and writer. Now she dreams od publishing her owm novel.